1871 and Teravision Technologies amplify Digital Product Development for Startups with Strategic Partnership

February 15, 2019
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1871 and Teravision Technologies amplify Digital Product Development for Startups with Strategic Partnership


1871 Joins Leading Nearshore Software Outsourcing Company to Provide Digital Startup Community in Chicago with Best-in-Class Support, Assets, and Resources

PRESS RELEASE | Chicago, IL | May 15, 2019
Yun Tai, Director of Communications
(910) 391-9496


CHICAGO (May 15, 2019) — 1871 announced today a new partnership with Teravision Technologies, a leading nearshore software outsourcing company that supports technology stakeholders in their mission to build software products that solve big problems and drive revenue. The partnership will provide 1871’s community of digital founders and entrepreneurs with the development support they need to build, sustain, and improve their offerings along with essential resources to dissect, analyze, and prioritize their digital roadmap.


“We’re delighted to partner with Teravision and equip our members with an entire suite of digital resources and assets,” said 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler. “We’re always looking for new ways to provide our founder community with unfair advantages at scale. This partnership helps us deliver that opportunity by giving our members the ability to build first-class digital products regardless of their technical expertise.”


Teravision’s team will meet with individual founders and partners to better understand their vision and determine the ideal way to manage their technology practices, tech stack, team structure, and product road map. Participants will also learn more about product management, prioritization, Agile methodology, and assembling and leading development teams.


“We are extremely excited to exchange interesting ideas with so many brilliant minds,” said Ricardo Arcia, CEO at Teravision. “As a company, we live and breathe tech startups, and hearing entrepreneurs’ pitches on how they plan to solve the world’s problems never gets old for us. Being able to help them reach their goals and see them succeed is what keeps us going.”


Participants in the program will be those who make use of the following technologies in their business:


1871 startups that utilize any of the aforementioned technologies can benefit from the partnership as it addresses common challenges by non-technical or less technical founders. Additionally, the partnership will benefit technology stakeholders that lack the bandwidth to launch their software initiatives on time and budget.


About Teravision

Teravision is a team of nearly 200 software engineers and architects, product owners, project managers, designers, and QA analysts focused on one thing: working alongside motivated technology stakeholders to build software products that solve big problems and drive revenue. Using modern Agile methodology and best practices Teravision has been helping tech-driven product and byproduct ventures succeed for the past 16 years. Since their beginning much of their work has been around the startup and entrepreneurial scene, working closely with independent product developers as well as incubator networks such as the VentureCity in Miami. Their experience is not limited to startups however, and they have also been involved in digital initiatives of larger well-known companies such as UNICEF, McDonald’s and Live Nation. Teravision is based in Miami with its nearshore technical delivery center in Bogota, Colombia.


About 1871

1871 is a not-for-profit organization that exists to inspire, equip, and support founders to build great businesses. It is the #1 ranked university-affiliated business incubator in the world, and the home of ~500 high-growth technology startups and ~1,500 members supported by an entire ecosystem focused on accelerating their growth and creating jobs in the Chicagoland area. Located in a 140,000 square-foot space in The Merchandise Mart, 1871 has 350 current mentors available to its members, as well as more than 100 partner corporations, universities, education programs, accelerators, venture funds and other organizations that make its extensive matrix of resources possible. Visit for more information.

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