Staff Augmentation
Ruby on Rails


Versapay is focused on driving accounts receivable efficiencies and accelerating companies’ cash flow by connecting AR teams with their customers over the cloud.

The Versapay Network makes billing and payments easy for buyers and sellers, reducing costs and eliminating paper, checks, and manual processes.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails
versapay accounts receivable
Engagement Model:

Staff Augmentation Team

The Team:

Our team works in a staff augmentation format with Versapay, under two squads. The team is composed of the following members:

  • 1 SCRUM Master
    1 SCRUM Master
  • 1 QA Analyst per squad
    1 QA Analyst per squad
  • 1 Tech Lead per Squad
    1 Tech Lead per Squad
    3 Fullstack Developers per squad
  • 1 Business Analyst
    1 Business Analyst

The Challenge

As two of the 16 different development squads that Versapay manages to meet their business goals, our role is to provide them with the necessary talent to achieve their objectives, and coordinate indirect actions to monitor productivity, as is determined by the staff augmentation model.


The sheer size of the team is the main challenge, as coordinating activities with 15 others to ensure productivity from all angles can prove difficult.

The Solution

We managed to bring in a technical lead that serves as a guiding force for the rest of our team in order to have better synergy with the remaining 15 squads. That way, our productivity is maintained, while also working harmoniously with the rest.





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