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J. Manning

A multi-carrier platform to manage insurance enrollment applications.

J. Manning & Associates/LTCI Partners is an independent brokerage firm that specializes in employer-sponsored group long-term care insurance solutions for employee benefits brokers, financial services professionals and employer groups.

JMA/LTCIP focuses on the mid-large market (500 – 50,000+ employees) working with a wide variety of insurance carriers that either offer or do not offer self-service online enrollment for their clients.

Some years ago and in order to bridge the technological gap, JMA/LTCIP built a functional online enrollment portal to unify the carriers’ efforts on attending their clients.

Teravision was selected to correct bugs in the current portal. Once done, the job was to build a multi-carrier/multi-product self-serve online enrollment platform to get the employee from start to finish as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Technologies used: Angular Js, Ansible, Javascript, Jenkins, MySQL, Nightwatch, Node Js, Ruby on Rails
Engagement Model:

Fixed Scope Project.

The Team:

In phase 1, the team worked in a Kanban format on the Bug corrections phase. In phase 2, our team started to work using Scrum Agile Software Development practices to develop the multi-carrier functionalities.

The team assigned to this project was:

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager.
  • QA
    QA Tech Lead.
    1 Automated QA Analyst.
  • Development
    Dev Tech Lead.
    6 Full stack Developers.
    (2 Ruby + 4 Js / MySQL)

The Solution and Challenges.

JMA/LTCIP requested to correct a set of bugs before moving forward with the design of new workflows. Smooth user experience over the same functionalities was the final task of the project.

A challenge came up in the gathering of the user stories: deep business rules and the all-in-one interfaces of the system made it difficult to create a comprehensive information architecture. Assigning an experienced product owner was crucial for the success of the development process.

Scope of user experience workflow solution:

  • Issue of a Policy. The new software product developed converts a cumbersome monolithic quote-to-order master form into a well structured 7-step process for the issuance of a policy.
  • Insurance Product’s definition. All the actuary rules were integrated with pricing and separated into a well-structured workflow.
  • The solution was integrated with Docusign API.

QA Automation:

  • Our team deployed Automated QA for the project with the use of Nightwatch as the preferred tool.
  • We went further and implemented the Page-Object-Model in Nightwatch. This means we simplified the out-of-box functionalities presenting them as an API, making the code reusable among interfaces and improving code legibility by grouping functions in libraries.
  • Shared GIT repository with development. This avoided the need to rework integrations and DevOps for deployments, giving more time for testing and opening the way to continuous integration using Jenkins.
Zach Oates
CEO - JManning.

“…I give Teravision’s team an A+ qualification, our concern with our former software development firm was the time they took to respond. With Teravision the daily stand up meetings and full transparency on the process let us know the status of the project on a daily basis, these team knows how to execute Agile Software Development processes. After this experience with Teravision, our team is very excited about near-future development we could do in different areas of the company. I would be glad to talk to any of Teravision’s prospective clients about our experience with the Team… “


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