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Stylist Toolbox

High-end training programs for Hairdressing.

The company is the firm of Chris Baran. The business of Chris and his core team is to train stylists to be highly successful by using their “Fuel Education System” based on onsite workshops, DVD courses, and Apps.

— “Chris Baran is an artist in worldwide demand”. Chris’ stories of success go from being a multi-award winner of Hairdresser of the Year to being honored with the ABBIE™ for Best Educational Program.

Stylist Toolbox selected Teravision Technologies as the Application Development partner to Fuel its e-Learning business.

Technologies used: Android, PHP, WordPress
Engagement Model:

Fixed Scope Projects: From Refactoring to a full e-Learning product.

The Team:

The Application Development process was managed using the Scrum framework. In this portfolio of projects, all of Teravision’s specialists have participated in the development.

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager.
  • iOS
    Tech Lead IOS.
    Objective-C Developers.
  • Android
    Tech Lead Android.
    Android Developers.
  • QA
    Tech Lead QA.
    QA Analyst.
  • Development
    Tech Lead.
    Web full stack PHP Developers.

UX/UI assets were provided by the customer.

Challenges and Solutions.

After high-level meetings and code review of the company’s live website, Teravision’s team made technical recommendations to improve the product. The tactic was to start refactoring the application as a basis to provide better-engineered software increments. The goal is to sell courses on a larger scale. This effort includes integrating new payment methods like Square and Stripe.

The challenge of the project was to make an effective website and Apps for Android and iOS as well as integrations with Vimeo for video streaming. InfusionSoft CRM and payment Gateways.

Highlights in Web Application Development.

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