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Daytoday Health

This Boston startup is guiding patients with a step-by-step app

Basically, Daytoday Health is a mobile app that helps patients prepare for and recover from medical procedures. It includes a task checklist that helps them comply with doctor’s orders, and it provides a task function that allows patients to chat directly with their team of nurses. Success in medical procedures relies heavily on patients following the care plan provided before and after their surgery.

So, what did we do with Daytoday Health? In simple words, they needed our help to create the MVP version of the software, so we did. The Daytoday Health App comes to unify all tasks of a procedure including paper-based and in-person consultation used for engagement. The Android App Development services of Teravision Technologies allowed Daytoday Health to provide patients with a stress-free way to manage all of the steps before and after their surgery, enhancing their lives.

The Daytoday Health App complies with the Privacy rule for handling patient records in India (similar to HIPAA in the US – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996). The scope of our involvement with Daytoday Health was to produce a fully-functioning product that they could use with patients in India, as well as building the web-based admin system on the backend. To do so, we used the following technologies:

Technologies used: Admin LTE, Amazon Web Services, Android, Docker, JWT, Kotlin, Mustache, Picasso, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot, Swagger, Zeplin
Android App Development
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Android App Development Team

The Team:

The Daytoday App was developed by a dedicated team assembled to accomplish agreed milestones. The first release was the MVP itself and it was designed to be deployed in India.

  • Agile
    Scrum Master
  • Tech Leads
    Tech Leads
    Android & Web Tech Lead
  • QA
    QA Manager
    QA Analyst
  • Development
    2 Android Developers
    2 Full Stack Web Developers
  • DevOps
    DevOps Manager
  • UX/UI
    UX/UI Manager
    2 UX/UI Designer
  • Architecture
    Software Architect

But, how did we end up working together?

In the case of Daytoday Health, we had experience in the healthcare industry and the technologies they were interested in using. We understood their requirements and proceed to develop an agile methodology proposal.

The Solution and Challenges


The Daytoday App team envisioned a robust App in the near future. At the time, the MVP developed covered the post-procedure follow-up for Coronary Bypass Surgery.

The Scope of the MVP went from to a full post-operatory support lifecycle (drugs administration, exercise plan, diet plan, blood/other tests handling and daily medical monitoring) to a 24/7 chat room attended by a group of Health Coaches in order to maintain patients’ confidence. 

Since day one, the Daytoday and Teravision teams were highly synchronized. This rapport reported cost-benefit advantages:

  • Business Analysis: We worked on defining business rules. Existing business rules generated an unrealistic deadline to meet customer needs, so we agreed on a new MVP scope that was realistic for both parties.
  • Team Integration: We integrated one team member from Daytoday as a developer and it worked very well. We did the QA of those features and the corrections of fixes reported were on their own.
  • We designed the UX and UI from scratch and the result was stunning. The full UX/UI life cycle presented the creativity on a wide set of proposals until it matched the exact business needs. Automation was present at every turn with a complete Navigation Map and flows modeled in Invision, Sketch, and Zeplin.
  • The extra mile: We served two requested extra features in six days.
-Douglas Kurth, Chief Technology Officer of Daytoday Health

“They stayed on schedule and were committed. They did everything they said they would, and they consistently met their timelines. The quality of the deliverable met our standards”.

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Android App Development

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