Fixed Scope Project


Mobile App Development, HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliant.

The Focalyx App serves as a personalized health accessory. The company’s focus is to put people in control of their health. The Focalyx App gives users the opportunity to keep all the relevant health information at their fingertips, yet very secure.

The Mobile App Development services of Teravision Technologies brought Focalyx App into life. The Focalyx App was developed for iOS and Android.

About privacy rule Compliance: “Focalyx does not maintain unencrypted images on Focalyx Franchising Apps. The storage of all medical information and images on Focalyx Franchising Apps complies with the requirements of the Privacy and Security Rules promulgated pursuant to HIPAA” (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996).

Technologies used: Android, iOS, Laravel, Swift
Engagement Model:

Fixed Scope Project.

The Team:

The Focalyx App was a turnkey project with adjusted timelines and strong technical requirements for managing sensitive data.

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Tech Lead.
  • iOS
    iOS Tech Lead.
  • QA
    QA Tech Lead.
    1 QA Analyst.
  • Development
    1 Backend developer – Laravel (API).
    2 Swift Developers.

The Solution.

Since day one, the idea had been to make the Focalyx App for iOS and Android. After a cost-benefit analysis, the go-to-market strategy was to release the full iOS version first.

By focusing energy on just one platform the team would avoid reworks in the software development process, accelerate the way to HIPAA compliance and optimize ROI of the App by going live faster.  It quickly became the preferred Mobile platform for patients of Dr. Fernando Bianco.

An incremental solution going from one platform release to new versions in on other platforms works well when publishers know the customers at which they are aiming, making the development for next platforms easier. The Focalyx Android App was developed and released immediately after the iOS release.

Here the basics about the Focalyx App’s functionalities and use of technologies.

  • The App was developed leveraging on the Desktop version but with a UX/UI simpler and easier to use.
  • iOS & Android Apps were developed to gather data from cancer patients for Dr. Fernando Bianco.
  • The backend was developed using a PHP backend to manage data and reports.
  • We were responsible for UX/UI, Mobile App Development for web backend, Functional QA, and DevOps.


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