Dedicated Team
React Native

Alto MovUp by Grupo Alto

Alto MovUp, Grupo Alto’s product, is a technological platform dedicated to offering Last Mile, Yard Management, and End-to-End visibility and traceability solutions for the logistics cycle across multiple industries.

This gives companies the ability to monitor, view and analyze data in real time. That way, they can optimize their actions in logistics which reduce risks and promotes operational excellence.

Technologies used: Python, React Native
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Agile Software Development Team

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format with Grupo Alto and the team composition was the following:

  • 1 SCRUM Master
    1 SCRUM Master
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    QA Analysts
  • Development
    2 Tech Leads
    Front-end Developers
    Back-end Developers
  • UX/UI Design
    UX/UI Design
    1 UX/UI Designer

The Challenge

Grupo Alto wanted to create a new product called Alto MovUp and implement a pilot test at one of the biggest retail companies worldwide for their last mile operation in Mexico.

They already had defined requirements but they did not have the in-house resources to execute the project. So, their CTO, Edgar Escobar, approached Teravision and explained they need to build this product and be ready for a pilot test in five months.

The Solution

Grupo Alto  was looking for the following capabilities: Fast ramp up time of a dedicated software development team, experience delivering projects end-to-end, best code quality practices, and ability to work with Grupo Alto’s tech team because the application also connected with their other existing products.

To do this, we organized a team of Python developers for the backend and react native developers for the frontend, with dedicated leads for each group. We also had multiple software quality assurance testers, a user experience and user interface designer as well as a project manager to lead them all alongside the client’s product owner.


With our help, the company was able to:


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