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An App to break language barriers by joining linguists live on the call.

Jennie is an app that helps the users to get a linguist to easy communication in language-barrier situations such as an airport, taxi, hotel check-in and even in business-related circumstances where the user requires a linguist that handle the unknown language part of the conversation.

The apps feature calls and video calls and the service automatically adapt to the connection setting on both ends.

We at Teravision were selected to set a Dedicated Software Development Team to build the Jennie application for Android and iOS.

Technologies used: React Native
Dedicated Software Development Team
We work with a:

Dedicated Software Development Team.

The Team:

This project became a Dedicated Software Development Team once initial scope was completed as the client require to iterate in newer designs for the application maintaining core functionality.

The team assigned to this project was:

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
  • QA
    1 QA Tech Lead
    1/2 QA Analyst
  • Development
    Javascript Tech Lead
    3 Full stack developers.

Solution and Challenges.

The development was initially focused for iOS for a first release and although release date for Android was later development and QA verification were done during the development cycle as well for this platform to maintain parity.

The development process had to take into account both native components so the build process to be executed smoothly. This required revision of the build process itself in order to get both set of versions in a fast generation pace as needed.

Once the initial scope of the project was met, the design of the application was changed several times by request of the client to cover specific business needs.


Dedicated Software Development Team

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