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Agile Software Development for Social Tools Automation

Bringing 30,000 shows and 100+ festivals to life and selling 500 million tickets per year is a massive undertaking, made possible by the 44,000 global employees of the world’s leading live entertainment company, Live Nation.

The massive size of this entertainment giant does not necessarily mean that they use the same strategies of other companies in their tier, and marketing software is no exception.

We at Teravision Technologies were selected as one the Agile Software Development firms to develop a section of the software footprint of Live Nation’s marketing software portfolio.

Technologies used: AngularJS 6, AWS Rekognition, Docker, MongoDB, NodeJS with Express, RabbitMQ, Swagger, Typescript
agile software development
We work with a:

Managed Agile Software Development Team


Live Nation gave full support to Teravision’s Application Development team, we covered all positions to deliver the tailor-made software solution: Development, QA, Architecture, DevOps and Project Management.

The Team:

The leadership of the Agile organization is on the Scrum Master and the deliveries are organized in Milestones that are made by this stable group:

  • Project Management
    Project Management
    One Scrum Master
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    One QA Tech Lead
    Two QA Analysts
  • Software Development
    Software Development
    One Tech Lead
    One Senior Fullstack Developer
    - Two Intermediate Fullstack Developers

Challenges in Agile Software Development

  • The software products delivered handle multiple campaign management tools in order to get a tailor-made solution to Live Nation needs.
  • Software Architecture unit of Teravision runs a lot of Proofs-of-concept to maximize the return value of integration with third-party platforms.

All changes were managed on time and on budget because of the use of Scrum as Agile Software Development framework.

Samantha Sichel
VP of Digital Product & Business Development

“Hi all,

Wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone involved both internally – Tarek, Adrian, Zach and externally at Teravision for all of the hard work over the past 9 months(!) to get the Fanfluencer tool set up on our permanent server, at our own domain. As of today WE ARE OFFICIALLY LIVE at!! (for anyone not up to speed, you likely have to restart your computer to go there the first time, but should be able to access from your phone right now)… We are already actively distributing NHL Playoff Tickets through the tool in tandem with our Ticketmaster marketing team and plan on using the tool for multiple brands at festivals this upcoming weekend!

Everyone on this thread should feel proud for building a GREAT product that will be leveraged by the entire Live Nation org.

THANK YOU again, and great job teams!”

Samantha Sichel on April 2019.

Highlights in Agile Software Development


agile software development

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