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Mr. Presta

Big Data, Social Media and Application Development.

Since 2013 Mr. Presta has been providing financial services to its customers.

Mr. Presta Funds is a family of Privately Held Funds that invest in Small Business Loans to E-Commerce Vendors in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

The Funds take advantage of e-commerce’s Big Data and Social Media interactions on a deep set of business rules in its core application to facilitate the credit cycle: Origination, Scoring, Analysis, Fulfilment, Clearance, and Payment Processing.

The core business of Mr. Presta has been built using the Nearshore Application Development services of Teravision Technologies.

Technologies used: Amazon Web Services, Angular Js, Bootstrap, Jenkins, Laravel, MySQL, Python, WordPress
Engagement Model:

The Dedicated Software Development Team and Roadmap.

The Team:
  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager.
  • Development
    Web Tech Lead
    Senior full stack Developers
    Intermediate full stack Developers
  • Software Architecture
    Software Architecture
    Software Architect
    (for 3rd party integrations)

Challenges and Solutions.

After technical meetings and analysis of the Application Development for Mr. Presta, the decision was to develop independent microsystems. The fast pace of business requirements and customer organization resulted in Kanban being chosen as the best Agile framework for the job.

Teravision has been the software services provider in the following milestones of Mr. Presta’s business portfolio.

  • Development of core business information system of lending: Origination, Scoring, Analysis, Fulfilment, Clearance and Payment Processing.
  • Mexico’s operation. Integration with Mercadolibre. Background checks of applicants against credit bureau over secure connections (VPN, socket). Integration with CRM.
  • Loan management: Calculator, Customer Dashboard, Voucher Processing.
  • Brazil’s operation.


Teravision has worked with more than 100 Startups in all stages of Application Development of its tech-focused services, serving established companies like Mr. Presta is today.

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