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The Opal System


Opal is a small and durable sensor for apparel, uniforms and safety equipment. It doesn’t require recharging and is practically invisible to the user because of the use of Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and LoRa RF solution for wireless communications.

From ensuring Brand Loyalty of social media influencers to safety equipment usage. Know WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN is the key to success of the Opal System of International Thermodyne.

HOW to develop and deploy their Apps with a Dedicated Software Development Team is Teravision’s business.

Technologies used: Android, InVision, Java
Engagement Model:

The Dedicated Software Development Team.

The Team:

After high-level meetings for scoping, the challenge was to build a Dedicated Software development team for International Thermodyne to create their Mobile App (iOS & Android) and a Java backend connected to a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Device built by them.

Teravision built in one week a dedicated software development team based on Agile Methodology for this project. The initial team assembled included:

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
  • iOS
    Tech Leader - iOS.
    Senior Developer.
    Intermediate Developer.
  • Android
    Tech Leader - Android.
    Senior Developer
    Intermediate Developer.
  • QA
    Tech Leader - QA.
    QA Senior Analyst.
  • Development
    Tech Leader.
    Senior Developer.
    Intermediate Developer.

Challenges and Solutions.

After high-level meetings for scoping, the challenge was to build a Dedicated Software Development Team for International Thermodyne in order to create their Mobile App (iOS & Android) and a Java backend. The “Opals” get connected to Smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

By following the tactic of delivering an MVP and a Roadmap of further releases has allowed Thermodyne to use products of Software Development as leverage for funding The Opal System with investors.

Tim Riser.
CEO - International Thermodyne.

” …I have been very impressed with is your “design” team…your help and commitment throughout the process are greatly appreciated… “


Just like Thermodyne, Teravision has worked with more than 100 Start-ups in all stages of Software Development of its products and services.

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