Dedicated Team

The Opal System

Opal by International Thermodyne is a small sensor, built with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless technology and monitored through a powerful analytics dashboard.

Keep track of the safety of your workplace by learning about the Who, What, When, and Where your safety equipment and uniforms are used, and optimize your space through valuable, real time insights.

Technologies used: Android, InVision, Java
Engagement Model:

The Dedicated Software Development Team.

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format with Thermodyne and the team composition was the following:

  • 1 Scrum Master
    1 Scrum Master
  • iOS
    2 iOS Developers
  • Android
    2 Android Developers
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    2 QA Analysts
  • Development
    1 Tech Leader
    2 Web Developers

The Challenge

This project went through two stages of evolution: the first stage included a technology that the client developed inhouse using Bluetooth LE and a Raspberry Pi, which required the project to integrate this technology and custom design within the android app development and ios app development cycles. The second stage, it’s current form, came from the limitations of said technologies, evolving into an Envoy Station with microcontrollers.

All throughout the two stages of the project, managing real time data is a crucial part of the development cycle. This was also the company’s first time using Bluetooth LE technology, adding a learning curve to the project.

Tim Riser.
CEO - International Thermodyne.

” …I have been very impressed with is your “design” team…your help and commitment throughout the process are greatly appreciated… “

The Solution


The project requires a mix of fast and efficient communication, both external and internal, as well as our inherent adaptability to new technologies. This approach, as well as using alternative technologies to speed up the software development process, pushes the project forward and allows for the team to understand what are the best solutions for the job.

This is how we came to use microcontrollers over a Raspberry Pi, and integrating AWS Lambda for capturing real time data.


Together with the client, we have established:

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