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Love where you work, find your dream team – Providing restaurants with the opportunity to connect with candidates that are excited to go to work

Poolside is a Chicago startup that allows restaurants to post jobs and make connections with specific people who not only fit their needs, but identify with their specific style.

Teravision Technologies was tasked with assisting Poolside with a backend software architecture reconstruction. The new architecture was also to be the foundation to build new features for Poolside’s mobile application.

Technologies used: Arango DB, Golang.js, NATS, React.js
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Software Development Team – Flexible Scope

The Team:

Poolside came to Teravision with a defined set of requirements to add the final features needed to complete their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Teravision evaluated these requirements and built a detailed roadmap, and both teams started working together using Agile/Scrum methodology in two-week sprints.

After reviewing and approving Teravision’s roadmap, the following team was assigned to carry out the project:

  • Project Management
    Project Management
    Scrum Master
  • QA
    1 QA Tech Leader
    1 QA Analyst
  • DevOps
    1 DevOps Engineer
  • To start, Teravision’s team performed regression testing in order to have a full understanding of the application from a structural and functional perspective. This allowed the team to learn about the application and also assess whether or not there were any undetected bugs.
  • From an infrastructure (DevOps) perspective, the Teravision and Poolside teams worked together in order to refactor the way the product was originally built. After further consideration, the decision was made to build new infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).



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