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This Charlotte Startup partnered with Teravision to accelerate their Mobile Software Development.

Skipper (formerly known as The Waggle Company) is an advanced online marketplace for custom pet care services. Residents of several larger cities (such as Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta and Dallas) can already benefit from Skipper’s platform.

In their mission to expand beyond their MVP and grow, Skipper chose Teravision to take their Swift (iOS) development practices to the next level with Hybrid coding, improved testing and enhanced software distribution.

While the Skipper team gives their customers peace of mind regarding their pets’ well being, Teravision took care of Skipper’s technology with best practices in Android and iOS software development.

Technologies used: Javascript, React Native, Swift
Mobile Software Development
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Fixed Price / Scope project

The Team:

The Skipper App was a turnkey Mobile Software Development project with strong collaboration between teams and optimized workflows to push forward and go live.

  • Leadership
    One Scrum Master / Project Manager
  • QA Team
    QA Team
    One QA Tech Lead
    One QA Analyst
  • Development
    One Tech Lead
    Two Full stack Developers

Skipper and Teravision work great on Agile together


The Product Owner, The Scrum Master, QA Analysts, and Developers got a head start to accelerate results. Coordination and detailing were crucial to being on time and on budget.

In the planning meetings, both teams solved the lack of fully defined business rules by conducting two weekly grooming sessions and fill the gaps. Every team member was always thinking about the challenges of the next sprint.

For development tasks, existing backend assets were diligently provided by Skipper and made available at all times. Skipper also provided iOS-based wireframes of their envisioned app at the beginning of the project.

In testing duties, Skipper´s team took full empowerment of UAT (User Acceptance Tests) according to the time boxes Teravision requested.

“At every session, our recurring question was: What’s the next Milestone?”

Luke Griffith - Lead Software Engineer at Skipper.

“Everything went well. Everyone is very good and very structured in receiving requirements and actually executing them, and performing tests and everything… Tech team is very knowledgeable, they were able to do everything we needed.”

Highlights in Mobile Software Development

Mobile Software Development

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Contact Us. Teravision is Software Development partner with great that can quickly and efficiently integrate with your existing team. As with Skipper, we have partnered successfully with hundreds of companies to build Native and Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android. We can also build the robust backends, APIs and Web dashboards required to complete the end-to-end solutions that your business deserves.


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