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SaaS to manage maintenance and operations for aviation companies.

We assembled a Nearshore Software Development team for SOMA – a SaaS product for the aviation industry.

SOMA’s clients are Commercial and Cargo Airlines, Charter, Service Centers (MRO), Aviation Schools and any aircraft that would need to:

  • Control inventory and purchases.
  • Manage flight operations.
  • Manage documentation.
  • Control maintenance, engineering, and production.

When Blue Condor approached Teravision, they wanted a nearshore software development team to help build their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and test their business concept.

Since then, Teravision has been the Nearshore Software Development provider of SOMA software.

Technologies used: Amazon Web Services, Android, iOS, Java, Javascript, MySQL, Solr, Spring Framework
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Software Development Team.

The Team:
The size of the team has changed over time in order to adjust to Blue Condor’s needs. For SOMA Software, our team is in charge of Development, Quality Assurance, and DevOps.
  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
  • iOS
    Tech Leader – iOS
    Senior iOS Developer
  • Android
    Tech Leader – Android
    Senior Android Developer
  • QA
    Tech Leader – QA
    Senior QA Analyst
  •  Development
    Tech Leader – Java
    2 Senior Java Developer
    Intermediate Java Developer
  • DevOps
    Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Design
    UX/UI Leader
    UX/UI Designer
  • Product Owner
    Product Owner
    1 Aeronautical Senior Engineer as Product Owner (Blue Condor Team)

The Challenge.

Teravision’s team worked with SOMA’s team on every aspect related to their MVP and continued afterward as the software provider for the established company it is today.

Since day one, Agile Software Development demonstrated to be the formula for managing the complexities of the project:

  • The robustness of the final product envisioned by Blue Condor’s management team called for providing frequent releases with new functionalities to all users and to develop specific functionalities unique to customer needs as well (see highlights below).
  • The deep business rules of the Aviation business were efficiently disaggregated for the development with the iterative approach and transparency of working Agile.
  • The diversity of aviation-related companies that SOMA software can serve derives in many interfaces and specialized reports: Commercial and cargo airlines, Air Taxi firms, Aeronautical Workshops (MRO and FBO), Private aviation, Aviation Schools, Buyers and sellers of parts, Government entities and Corporate aviation.
  • Due to an increasing volume of subscriptions, the DevOps team of Teravision and Blue Condor made a sizing and a clean migration program for the SOMA project to AWS. Originally the application was hosted on a dedicated server.
Omar Maldonado.
VP of Aviation Operations – Blue Condor Solutions LLC.

“For us, Teravision Technologies is a partner more than a provider. I started working at SOMA Software about a year ago and it was very easy to become part of their Agile team. The team is always there when we need them. Testing our application is really complicated and they do an excellent job filtering bugs before they go live. From a technical perspective, Teravision has given us ideas and has helped us build tools to implement our clients faster. They have built for us programs that allow us to upload client’s data from a spreadsheet very quickly. Teravision rocks!”

Highlights in Specialized Software

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