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Creating outstanding films as you’ve never imagined before – Developing emotional stories in amazing film messages

StayFilm is an automatic online filmmaker app that transforms photos and videos into films with fantastic visual effects and outstanding cinema-like quality.

StayFilm’s website, which has the promotional functionality of linking the IOS and Android mobile applications for potential downloads, was already published before its relationship with Teravision Technologies. As well, the process of developing the native IOS app was already considerably advanced, therefore, our team continued developing both mobile apps (IOS and Android) from a single programming code.

Technologies used: AJAX, Angular Js, CocoaPods, HTML5, Ionic, Java, JQuery, Objective-C, PHP
Engagement Model:

Dedicated Agile Software Development Team

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format and was also responsible for project management with third-party providers from StayFilm. The team composition was the following:

  • Project Management
    Project Management
    Scrum Master - Teravision
  • IOS
    1 IOS Tech Leader
    1 IOS Developer
  • Android
    1 Android Tech Leader
    1 Android Developer
  • QA
    1 QA Tech Leader
    1 QA Analyst
  • Web
    1 Web Development
    1 Web Development Developer
  • UI/UX
  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the project was originally developed using Ionic, a mobile hybrid platform. However, after our initial assessment of the project, we agreed with Stayfilm that it would be necessary to start development from scratch and due to the nature of the video app we recommended to build them on mobile native languages (iOS – Objective C and Android).
  • At the beginning of the project, our team had to maintain the existing hybrid platform while building from scratch both new native platforms iOS and Android.
    While maintaining the original hybrid platform, the team had to work on one-week sprints in order to deliver fixes on a weekly basis. Later, the team was able to go back to a regular scrum schedule of two-week sprints.
  • During the extent of the project with Teravision Technologies, StayFilm began working with Disney, which meant that our team had to adapt the application to the specific terms and conditions of Disney that applied in a short period of time. For this reason, the mobile app had to be adjusted quickly. The changes were achieved in less than a week.
  • The project had to be extended to be able to report some of the changes that had not yet been documented properly.



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