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This New York based digital agency is ready to start serial Website Refreshment the cost-effective way

Tager&Co. works with nimble leaders eager to take their organizations to new levels of success. Their promise to break the no meaningful benefit cycle of hiring big agencies for Website Refreshment represents one of their most attractive services.

Many of Tager&Co. customers arrive after disappointing experiences with other communications and marketing consultants. Many of their troubles involve software development and there is where Teravision as the development services partner comes to get the job done.

For Tager&Co. and Teravision Technologies, working on some of Tager&Co.’s customers websites CMS was the beginning of a trust relationship based on the Teravision’s Agile practice of transparency and fast communications.

Technologies used: InVision, WordPress
Website Refreshment
We work with a:

Fixed Scope Software Development

The Team:

The CMS team setup was assigned to reach a two weeks or less delivery time.

The team assigned to refresh some of the Tager&Co. customer’s websites using CMS was:

  • Project Organization
    Project Organization
    One Scrum Master
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    QA Tech Lead
    One QA Analyst
  • Software Development
    Software Development
    One Web Tech Lead
    Two Full Stack Developers

Website Refreshment: Work Nature and Challenges

Tager&Co. customers are usually business leaders in their areas so they are very demanding when analyzing contents and UX/UI designs of their websites and written communications.

The scope of our services in this first project was to refresh some:

  • Information Portals.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Copy texts.
  • UX/UI asset adjustments.
  • Template Layout adjustments.
  • Admin Panel tasks.


It was needed to adopt double checking in our QA team to avoid the risk of typos.

David Tager
CEO of Tager&Co.

“I am very pleased, I am extremely happy. I think the execution that we had developed with Fanny it was exactly what we wanted. One of my big priorities in this version it wasn’t to fix problems but make it easier for Soraya to add to the site. There were some limitations with the earlier version…and it seems like all it has been addressed to my highest expectation.”

Feb 15, 2019.

Highlights in Website Refreshment


Website Refreshment

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