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Angular Js
Java Springboot

Tech Insights

Tech Insights is a company that is passionate about reverse engineering technology. They take apart pieces of hardware and document those components and connections in an extensive database, offering that library as a service for intellectual property disputes, to even standard research.

Learn about the hardware that goes into your devices and benchmark them with your own products!

Technologies used: Angular Js, Java Springboot
Tech Insights backend development
Engagement Model:

Staff Augmentation Model

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format with Tech Insights and the team composition was the following:

  • 1 SCRUM Master
    1 SCRUM Master
  • 1 Tech Lead
    1 Tech Lead
    Backend Developers
    Frontend Developers
    Data Scientists

The Challenge

Our main role while working with Tech Insights has to do with backend development, specifically in technology migration for their web app, and basic frontend development. However, the real challenge lies within the staff augmentation model and the client’s staff requirements. The mixture of fluctuating priorities in projects, the appearance of new ones and high standards for talent, these make for interesting challenges in finding the right candidates that fit the expectations of the client.

The Solution

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Teravision Technologies has developed a hiring process that encapsulates the clients needs in accionable steps that brings a valuable backlog of frontend and backend developers with fast ramp up processes.




Tech Insights backend development

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