Fixed Scope Project
Digital Agencies
Angular Js
Javascript by McDonald’s.


The project was to build a responsive web app for from McDonald’s. We worked in partnership with Create, McDonald’s Digital Agency, as well as Teravision Games. is a responsive website and digital extension of McDonald’s® Happy Meal® that offers information about the toys in the Happy Meal each week, coloring & activities, online games and videos.

Create was responsible for the UX/UI, and Teravision Technologies was responsible for the responsive Application Development while Teravision Games developed the gaming components.

Technologies used: Angular Js, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript
Engagement Model:

Software Development Team for the Fixed Scope Project.

The Team:

Teravision Technologies used its strength in Software Web App Development and experience in Agile to organize the project, while collaboration from Teravision Games and Create were key to delivering the final product.

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager
  • QA
    QA Tech Lead
    1 Senior QA Analyst
    1 Intermediate QA Analyst
  • Development
    Web Tech Lead
    1 Senior Full Stack Developer
    3 Front End Developers


  • Once McDonald’s approved the UX/UI, the challenge for Teravision was to be able to code the application “pixel perfect” for every possible device (40+ devices). When the team started testing the website on every device, we realized that we could not rely only on the human eye for testing. A small pixel problem would not be captured by the human eye.
Marcos Corrêa
Project Manager of Digital Production - Creata

“Teravision’s team did a great job on the project. Thank you!”

Highlights in Website Development.

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