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TicketMundo sells and distributes tickets for all types of events and venues through different sales and distribution channels. Ticketmundo works 24/7.

With a robust process for its ticketing and backend operations, the goal of Ticketmundo is the massification of sales supported by a modern and specialized responsive Web Ticketing System with flexible functionalities for seat allocation.

Teravision Technologies was the Agile Software Development firm selected by Ticketmundo to develop this project.

Technologies used: Adonis, Canvas, D3, HTML5, React
Engagement Model:

The Dedicated Software Development Team and Roadmap.

The Team:

Ticketmundo had a solid technical team of Application Development and UX/UI department both familiar with software service providers such as Teravision Technologies.

After reviewing Teravision’s capabilities for the project and making an estimate and fixed scope proposal for the system required, this was the team in charge of leading the project:

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager.
  • QA
    QA Tech Lead
    Manual QA Analyst
  •  Development
    Tech Lead
    Full Stack Developers.
  • Software Arquitecture
    Software Arquitecture
    Software Designer
    (Canvas & Integration)

Challenges, solutions and related facts.

  • The main challenge of this project was to integrate the current backend with the new application based on Canvas and support to multiple arenas.
  • Participation in the Software Architecture unit at Teravision was essential for technology stack selection and tuning addressed to Ticketmundo’s special needs.
  • All changes were managed on time because of the use of Scrum as Agile Software Development framework.
  • Total project completion was planned in 6 releases. Every release was of 1-1.5 months (2-3 sprints -one sprint is two weeks-) for a total of 8 months.

Highlights in Website Development.

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