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Mobile App Development for car rental in Miami.

Enjoy your time. Live the city. Ride uPPyx.

uPPyx is a startup based in Miami, Florida that developed a Mobile App (iOS and Android) that connects users looking to rent a car in Miami. The car is delivered and picked up from their premises. Once the user requests the car, a network of car rental companies gets the request and one of the affiliated drivers fulfills the requirement.

When uPPyx approached Teravision Technologies, they wanted to build their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test their business concept in the Miami area.

Technologies used: Android, iOS, Java, Laravel, Swift
Engagement Model:

The Dedicated Software Development Team and Roadmap.

The Team:

The project scope was to create a native App for iOS and Android including the UX/UI and backend to manage users and car rental vendors. There were created services to be consumed by each App. Teravision Technologies Team worked with uPPyx on every aspect related to their MVP:

  • Scrum Master
    Scrum Master
    Project Manager.
  • iOS
    Tech Leader – iOS
    iOS Developers.
  • Android
    Tech Leader – Android
    Android Developers.
  • QA
    Tech Leader – QA
    QA Analyst.
  • Development
    UX/UI Manager
    UX/UI Designer.


José Alberto Freites Arellano.
CEO – uPPyx.

“Looking for the right Application Development partner was hard until I had the chance to meet with Teravision and they explained how their Agile methodology worked and how they would implement their bench concept whenever necessary in order to keep the project on time and budget.
Their team performed the tasks as expected. I think it was key for project success:

  • The planning sessions at the beginning of the Sprints.
  • The daily standup meetings.
  • The code reviews with our CTO at the end of each sprint.
  • The retrospective meetings.

I am a software engineer myself and I know how hard is to have a team in sync following best practices. It was a pleasure to work with Teravision, the project was delivered on time and budget and we are currently working on the next phase of the project with them.”

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