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Wearable tech-collars for dogs – Developing a mobile app and web services for wearable canine health technology

Waggit is a health and well-being monitor app that can improve, and possibly extend, the lives of dogs by tracking data regarding their activity levels, temperature, and nutrition information. Waggit’s app provides this information to dog owners through a collar that connects with the application via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

When Waggit’s team approached Teravision, they had hit a rough patch with their software development team. In what we call a “Project Rescue”, our quality assurance engineers began by testing the existing application while our software development team familiarized themselves with the codebase in order to build a roadmap for Waggit and agree on the next steps.

Technologies used: Amazon Web Services, BLE, Cassandra, Java, PostgreSQL, Swift
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Engagement Model:

Software Audit, Flexible Scope Software Development, and a Managed Software Team

The Team:

Our team worked in SCRUM format and was also responsible for project management of other third-party providers. Also, once the initial scope was completed, Teravision’s team worked in a KANBAN format to iterate newer requests from the client for both the mobile app development and web services while maintaining core functionality.

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    Project Manager
    Scrum Master
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    1 IOS Developer
  • Android
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    1 Android Developer
  • QA
    1 QA Tech Leader
    1 QA Analyst
  • Software Architect
    Software Architect
    1 Software Architect

Our dedicated software development team first had to perform regression testing of the application, understand the existing code, and evaluate the best way to develop the new functionalities required. We did this while refactoring core modules to ensure Waggit became a stable platform and helping the client reach their business milestones with the development of these new functionalities.


It was a challenging process, but using Agile as a framework, the talent of our team and the client’s support of the platform was stable and ready to jump into a regular process.

Susan Sierota

“Teravision’s team is one you can trust with your development. They have done great work for us, are milestone based, and deliver on their commitments. I would recommend them to anybody looking to make progress with their software product.”



Other related projects were Teravision successfully connected hardware with mobile apps using BLE are:

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