Creativity & A Process-Driven Approach Can Live Together

Agile UX/UI Design For Your Web & Mobile App Development

Teravision Technologies has an amazing team of UX/UI experts that are capable of planning how your website, application, mobile app should be seen (user interface) and be used (user experience). Attracting prospects and retaining happy customers has never been easier.

Our team mixes their creative capabilities, with a process oriented UX/UI planning and validation methodology, that blends well with our development teams agile software development ecosystem.

UX/UI Design Latest Trends and Patterns:

Parallax, single page websites, infinite scrolling, card layouts, material design, rich animations and minimalism.

UX/UI Design - Agile approach:

With the agile methodology being the heart of our dedicated software development team collaboration, communication and bringing to life your vision is build together to create an awesome and beautiful product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Professionally Trained Designers:

Not only all our team members have a degree in Graphic Design, but they’ve been trained to work in the software industry. So they understand the challenges of designing modern web and mobile applications, that are engaging for your customers.


During peak periods we can scale up or down your team at no additional cost to you.

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This is what our team can do for your project:

Wireframes Development:

Prototype your idea! Our UX team will make your idea come to life using a combination of creativity and a process-driven approach. You’ll see an incremental progress of your product in each iteration.

Web (responsive), Mobile Apps Development and Design:

Following the latest trends and patterns like Parallax, single page websites, infinite scrolling, card layouts, material design, rich animations and minimalism.

Discovery process:

Gathering and meeting requirement analysis.

Analysis of Competitors:

UX/UI benchmarks for the website and mobile application.

Architecture Design Information:

Organizing and structuring the information and content, in an effective way.

Best Practices:

The expertise lever to evaluate and choose the best usability practices, patterns and standards for resolving the problem based on our competitor’s analysis.