Agile dedicated software development team and QA team for your web, backend & mobile app development.

Your project will be our team’s only priority.

Recruiting, training and maintaining a software development team within your company can be a very complex task. With a Dedicated Teravision Technologies team you will have a team that is ready and trained to manage the tasks that matter to your project. Using the agile Methodology you manage and monitor your team. Ensuring trust and an excellent level of communication, flexibility with adaptation to change. The customer always controls our highly motivated teams. Our expertise paired with your insights equal high levels of end-product quality.

Shared Vision & Stability through dedicated software development teams:

Our developers work exclusively on your project. Full-time commitment means your dedicated team is focused on your project and therefore they’re able to better understand your vision and goals.

Agile Methodology:

Our team has a strong agile background, they’re able to collaborate and iterate with you, during the process of developing your product. This will lead to predictable results and a better product.

Rapid Adaptation:

Your dedicated software development team will have the flexibility to adapt to the immediate needs of your company. Since the scope of the project is not fixed, the team is able to handle request changes in a timely manner, at any time.

Bench Concept:

We understand that things happen and your project should not have to suffer. When a developer goes on vacation, gets sick or if the project needs extra help we have a dedicated bench team (not assigned to any project). At no extra cost to you we will assign a developer to you so that we meet deadlines and stay within budget.

Project Manager Included:

When you hire a dedicated software development team or QA testing team on Teravision Technologies, your project automatically gets a Project Manager assigned, at no cost for you.


We’re able to scale your team at short notice, during peak periods of your project and we can also scale down when needed.

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