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Agile Testing, Continuous QA Testing & Automated Testing

Assuring the quality of your product is a serious matter, and it’s no small undertaking. Irrespective If you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you don’t want to lose customers or negatively impact your brand’s reputation. Therefore, you need an independent (unbiased) and professionally trained Quality Assurance Team that helps your product to reflect the service promise that has been made to meet your clients’ expectations.

Full Life Cycle Agile QA Testing Process

Our team has a strong Agile background. Our backbone is based around collaboration, flexibility and responsive listening in a natural and efficient way with all the teams involved.

Testing Automation

Improve the test coverage, streamline your delivery cycle and improve your product’s quality, while you cut off overall testing costs down the road.

Independent Testing

Get an honest and unbiased assessment of the quality of your product by trained professionals who can find out more (and different) defects than your internal team.

Professionally Trained QA Testing Analysts

All of our team members have a degree in Computer Science, System Engineering or an equivalent career, they understand the software development cycle and integrate well with development teams. Most of them were developers at the beginning of their career and followed a formal training and specialization in Quality Assurance, Agile Testing, Mobile App Testing and Testing Automation.

Multiple Testing Environments and Devices

We have over 30 mobile devices, including the most popular in the market for each iOS and Android as well as all of the major web browsers/operating systems combinations, rest assured your app or your responsive website will display and behave as intended, in every device.


We’re able to scale your team on short notice, during the peak periods of your project and we can also scale down when needed.

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This is what our team can do for your project:

Functional Testing:

Our full-cycle and continuous testing guarantees the specifications of the software are met. Depending on the current status of your project we can start either with Exploratory Testing or by getting involved in the requirements and/or user stories definition. We can define the user acceptance tests (UAT) and a full test matrix and test plan, which will be executed in real time during the development cycle. Smoke testing; integration testing, and regression testing are also part of our process, during the different stages of the project.

Automated Testing:

We are firm believers that test automation, and continuous integration is vital for the rapid development of quality and stable products. Our QA testing engineers have a vast experience working with frameworks like Behat, Selenium, Appium (test automation framework for mobile apps), for testing automation and with continuous integration services like Jenkins, CircleCI, and TeamCity.

Mobile Testing:

There are too many variables you have to take into consideration when launching a mobile app or a responsive website/application: different devices, screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems, and network conditions. We provide a proven systematic approach for testing on mobile. A test lab loaded with 30+ of the most popular mobile devices on the market. We’ve also been involved in projects where the testing has included Wearables devices, such as Fitbit and Jawbone (fitness industry).

Performance Testing:

With the help of tools like jMeter and SoapUI, we usually perform stress and load testing on the server side before any major release therefore we can guarantee your application will behave as expected when your user base grows.