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Nearshore software outsourcing that just makes sense.

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Whether it’s a long-term project, stand-alone project or an extension of your in house team of developers, Teravision Technologies can provide you with a spectrum of software needs. Bold innovative ideas don’t have to be expensive to develop. In an age of globalized technological advances expertise can be found across the globe.

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UX/UI Specialists

Analyzing your end user is the very first step towards creating products that satisfy their needs and ensures your success. Let our UX/UI Specialists create the best experience for your project.

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Business Analysts & Product Owners

You don’t want your product to simply look good and have quality usability, it also needs to help you maximize profits. Our Business Analysts and Product Owners will ensure that the end product delivers results, leaving all stakeholders satisfied.

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Mobile App Development

The louder you scream, the more people hear you; with our Mobile Developers and their extensive knowledge base, your project will be the loudest of the bunch in an ever competitive environment.

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Front-end & Back-end Development

If you want to make sure the scale of your project matches your ambitions for the future, then look no further. Our developers will ensure that your project is built to grow from the very beginning.

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QA Specialists

You always need to make sure that the product being created delivers on quality from start to finish. Our QA Specialists are the experts that will make sure your project performs as expected, with practices straight from the ISTQB handbook.

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The backbone of all projects, our DevOps crew is ready to give the necessary conditions to make your product fully usable and scalable. Big ambitions require the right people, and we have them.

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Project Rescue

Frustrations will always slow your project down. If your current development team just isn’t working out for you, no worries, Teravision has the perfect team ready to get your project back on track.


NearShore Advantage

Having your software team geographically close comes with many advantages. While we provide a significant cost advantage we share the same time zone, work culture and communication standards, allowing maximum productivity.

Fast Ramp Up

With access to over 300 highly skilled professionals Teravision Technologies has the ability to build a highly effective custom dedicated team in a matter of days due to our "Bench Concept": Extra resources not assigned to any project and available for your extra needs.

Agile Methodology

Agile is a “frustration free” methodology. This process allows for continual, incremental development that lends itself to interactive, highly flexible, non-hierarchical development. Based on this your dedicated software development team will be open to constant input. You are always in control of the situation, turning your outsourced team into an in-house development team.

Top Notch Talent

We are strongly connected with the ten top Universities in the region and Teravision is a top choice for new candidates looking enrich their careers. We have rigorous and advanced HR and hiring practices, offer some of the most attractive employment conditions, and proudly exhibit some of the highest retention rates, helping us maintain our status as the best Agile Development, Design and QA team in the region.

Bench Concept

We have a policy to maintain a certain number of developers on the bench (not assigned to a particular project) so they can assist at a moment’s notice. Whether there are unexpected deadlines, sudden changes in requirements, absences in the existing team or simply a need to increase the team size, one or some of our bench team members will be ready to help without delays or learning curves.

The most cost effective country on the region

In Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela we provide great service and talent for the best rates in the region. From 25% to 50% below any other country in America: Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, etc.

About us

Teravision Technologies is a Nearshore Software outsourcing company with over 300 professionals located in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. We have more than 17 years of experience in the design, development and quality assurance of custom software solutions throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America in the financial, healthcare, wearables, and entertainment industries.

Creating Innovative and bold products while ensuring deadlines is our secret for success. Our dedicated software development teams make the difference. We combine talent, honesty, a results-driven mentality, and strict dedication to an Agile environment, to ensure that your project is finished on time without compromising on quality. It’s time to break the mold and bring your project to life!



UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential.

UNICEF’s Kid Power Bands is a kids’ fitness tracker bracelet that connects to a smartphone. The app lets users complete missions and award points. These points unlock funding from partners, to finally deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children around the world.

Our team has been responsible for UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development, Software development and QA of the Mobile Apps developed on native Android and iOS (Swift).

See full case study here.


Website for interactive games.

Responsive website for Mc Donald's including functionality such as: Coloring & Games. The project was to build a responsive site for from McDonald’s. We worked in partnership with McDonald’s Digital Agency Creata and Teravision Games.

We were responsible for UX/UI design, development and QA.

“Teravision’s team made a great job on the project, thanks”

Marcos Corrêa – Project Manager of Digital Production of Creata.

The Opal System

iOS & Android App that connects a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device placed in clothing to offer metrics about usage for regulatory compliance in factories.

We were responsible for UX/UI design, Mobile application development, Backend andApplication development, QA and DevOps.

Used technologies: iOS (Objective-C), Android, Backend: Java + Spring + iBatis + Jersey, DevOps: AWS, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker.

See full case study here.

An invitation-only platform that connects executive-level talent with companies seeking experienced consultants: "Your Online B2B Marketplace"

See full case study here.

“Teravision tech were great partners to work with. They didn't just take requirements; they understood what we wanted to accomplish and offered better ways to make it happen. We're very happy with the finished product and look forward to working with them again.”

Sky Kelley - Founder & CEO

Posit Digital

A full service Digital Marketing Agency. We were their software development partner for Continental Farms online catalog and website

“We have received a very high level of communication which gives us insight and confidence in the progress of the project.The daily standup meetings and overall scrum process has really been working well for us thus far.”

Darcy Graf - Senior Project Manager

The Imagination House

A Florida-based Digital Agency, focused on the entertainment industry. We were their software development partner for building two web applications: and

Red Prepago de México

RPM (Red Prepayment of Mexico) has over 10 years’ experience in the development of transactional platforms, and distribution of electronic products. As their development partner, we developed a platform able to process high volume of transactions: Over 50 per second and over 6 million per month.

Studio Analogous

A New York-based Digital Design Agency. We have been their software development partner for six projects.

“Teravision is great. We have been working with them on dozens of Projects… One of the things that are so really especial about Teravision is that they have a lot of values and standards, they are really dedicated, they do incredible work, they are accountable, and they are great people to work with…”

Joshua Goldberg - Partner and Strategy Director


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Applied Concepts

The Auto Industry’s Authority for Automotive Phone Skills Training and Development.

“…I am really please to say that as we have gone through this process are here at the completion, Teravision was a terrific partner and did an excellent job in leading us…their information technology expertise was more than what was required to get our project up and running and we found Teravision to be very competent…”

Alex Nicholas - President


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A Digital Marketing Agency. We have been their software development partner for three projects.


Mobile App Development for Corporate Governance

Mobile version of GGS Stakeholder Capital Management Platform (SCMP) with focus in key areas like messaging, calendars, API and 3rd party integrations. We were responsible for Mobile App Development and QA. The Tech Stack was PHP without framework and Social integrations with Google and outlook API, Youtube live streaming and Twilio for messaging.

See full case study here.

New York-based startup who built a social marketplace where “You can easily search, buy, and sell items with people you like and trust”.

“...I would consider Teravision strong in both Node and iOS. In the future, when the company needs to scale, and scale fast, we know Teravision will be there with hands on deck, ready to get in the code at a moments notice.”

Oren Weichselbaum - VP of Engineering


Teravision became active in the HealthTech scene with Focalyx -  a HIPAA Compliant Personalized Healthcare Accessory.

An iOS & Android App to gather data from cancer patients for Dr. Fernando Bianco and a PHP backend web Application to manage data and reports.

We were responsible for UX/UI design, Mobile application development (iOS/Android), Application development for web backend, Functional QA and DevOps.

The Tech Stack included: Mobile: iOS (Swift) & Android, Backend: PHP + Laravel, DevOps: Docker, Puppet.

See full case study here

Stylist Toolbox

High-end training programs of Hairdressing.

The company is the firm of Chris Baran. The business of Chris and his core team is to train highly successful stylists by using their “Fuel Education System” based on onsite workshops, DVD courses and Apps.

We were the Mobile, Application Development and QA partner to Fuel its e-Learning business.

The Tech Stack was PHP, Android and Wordpress.

See full case study here.

An early-stage startup built to help people visualise their trips: "Picture your next trip, record your travel stories into visual journals and share them."

“... we worked with Teravision for 4 months, we are very happy with the relationship, the level of professionalism of the team of developers, and the reliability of the delivery on the projects, so we are very happy to recomend Teravision...”

Vanessa Boz - Founder & CEO


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Silverpop, an IBM Company

An Atlanta based cloud marketing automation player with customers in both the B2B and B2C space.

“Teravision not only brought the technical know-how but also brought much of the vision to get us up off the ground. They had plenty experience integrating with CRM systems. Today, we believe that we would not exist as a business had we not gotten our integration with CRMs right. Fortunately, with the help of Teravision, we got it right...”

Rob Johnson - Software Application Architect


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Sports monitoring application to help athletes to evolve and improve their performance

“...Real understanding of the business dynamics and timing needs to reach objectives. Easy explanation of technology options and open minded approach to solving problems. Teravision is a great company to launch your product or idea by working very closely to understanding your sector or specific problem...”

Jose Campaña - CFO & Co Founder

Sales Optimizer

Integration of a Sales Application with

“...they do a tremendous job of creating programs and delivering what they say they are going to deliver, I would highly recommend doing business with them, their integrity and honesty and their commitment to getting a job done...”

Nik Nikic - CEO Focus OMR


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Learning Designs

Developed over 25 SCORM e-learning projects for LDI.

“…Teravision staff is been both responsive and proactive in working with us, they recognize potencial problems early and offer alternative solutions rather than simply handings those problems back to us. They have worked closely with our staff and with our clients to ensure that the material we produce not only satisfy our clients but in most cases delight them…Teravision is by far the strongest of several partners we have worked with to develop online learning materials…. ”

Bruce Tipple - CEO


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Advanced Web seat allocation for events.

The project was to build a Web responsive Ticketing System with flexible functionalities for seats allocation to extend their robust process of ticketing and backend operations.

We were responsible for the Software Architecture, Web Application Development and QA.

The Tech Stack was React, HTML5, Adonis, Canvas and D3.

See full case study here.

The Baby Box University

Educate & Support Parents via online.

The project was to build the main Website of the company. It provides expecting and new parents educational resources and a support system with videos, articles, e-books and more.

We were responsible for Application Development and QA.

The Tech Stack was React, Firebase and Nightwatch for Automated testing.

See full case study here.


A mobile charge capture and communication platform. DocsInk was built to simplify and enhance the healthcare provider's workflow

eCity Interactive

Building Responsive Websites.

The Digital Agency needed an Application Development partner to outsource Nearshore. We have worked on several projects with them so far.

We have been responsible for Responsive Website Development and QA.

The Tech Stack has been Wordpress and Drupal 8 with the use of Bootstrap, CSS3 and  HTML5.

See full case study here.

Beautiful books of your kids to your home.

The project was to build all the Software of, a Startup that generates, produces, and delivers beautiful books with the BabyPages and content within the users dashboard.

We were responsible for Web and Mobile Application Development, QA and DevOps.

See full case study here.

“We’ve being very very happy with the progress and specifically very recently with the finished major milestones and improved the functionality substantially …So it’s being a exciting time for us to going to mobile requiring users actively and that’s the result of Teravision’s hard are very happy with the relationship and the product.”

Katie Rice – CEO of 11/14/2017.


App for Car Rental delivered home by a driver.

The project was to build all the Software of uPPyx service of uPPyx, a startup based in Miami, that connects users looking to rent a car in an innovative way. We were responsible for the Mobile App Development and QA.

See full case study here.

“I am a software engineer myself and I know how hard is to have a team in sync following best practices. It was a pleasure to work with Teravision, the project was delivered on time and budget and we are currently working on the next phase of the project with them.”

José Alberto Freites Arellano. – CEO of uPPyx.

SOMA Software by Blue Condor Solutions LLC. SaaS platform that serves the Aviation Industry. Maintenance, Operations and Inventory controls.

See full case study here.

“For us, Teravision Technologies is a partner more than a provider. I started working at SOMA Software about a year ago and it was very easy to become part of their Agile team. The team is always there when we need them. Testing our application is really complicated and they do an excellent job filtering bugs before they go live. From a technical perspective, Teravision has given us ideas and has helped us build tools to implement our clients faster. They have built for us programs that allow us to upload client’s data from a spreadsheet very quickly. Teravision rocks!”

Omar Maldonado – VP of Aviation Operations.


Mr. Presta is Fintech: Big Data, Social Media and Application Development.

Mr. Presta is a company that provides financial services to E-Commerce Vendors in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. The work is to build the core business of Mr. Presta using a Dedicated Software Development Team.

The solution takes advantage of e-commerce Big Data and Social Media interactions on a deep set of business rules in its core application to facilitate the credit cycle: Origination, Scoring, Analysis, Fulfilment, Clearance, and Payment Processing.

See full case study here.


Nearshore software outsourcing that just makes sense.

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