How Teravision Technologies can set up a Dedicated Software Development Team in 48 hours: “The Bench”.

Need Stunts? No way!: Three moments when “The Bench” makes Agile Software Development even better.

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Seven keys for Digital Agencies to leverage grow hiring White-Label Agile Software Development

It’s hard for Digital Agencies to show a solid image of expertise in Agile Software Development There’s...


Seven honesty points to be agreed at Kickoffs of Agile Software Development projects.

Transparency is the base pillar that enables inspection of everything & adaptation to changes as the next...


Let’s estimate on Agile with Story Points

Story points are measuring units to express the total estimated effort that will be required to complete a...


Teravision Technologies software development present in WWDC18 !

Miami, June 11, 2018 Thousands of talented minds from around the world met last week from June 4–8 in the...


Transparency: Are we partners in this agile software development process?

Empirical process control relies on inspection, adaptation and transparency And even though these three main...


Mix the Page-Object-Model (POM) and Browser Automation to get Business-focused QA Automation.

In all my experience testing business applications, testing GUI responsiveness and workflows (especially...

QA Automation

Three QA Automation tests to get strong Software Development Products.

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What must your software partner do for you in Software QA Testing?

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When is the right time to start QA Automation?

QA Automation is the logical next step after Manual QA is in place However, the non-logical decision is when...