3 Tips for Marketing Agencies and Their Dedicated Software Development Team.

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01 April 2024


When running a Marketing Agency it’s a matter of fact that contracting a Dedicated Software Development Team will provide the flexibility and power to satisfy business needs of any size: Full sites, responsive sites, Apps in iOS and Android, hybrid applications, landing pages, specialized systems with strong backend logic and more.

In Teravision Technologies close to 1/3 of our customers are Marketing Agencies that hire a Dedicated Software Development Team for building the software that supports the digital portfolio of their customers.

Once the agreement is signed and your team is set up, the clock starts to run!.

Follow these tips to unleash the profitability of your Dedicated Software Development Team:

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Make a Roadmap.

Always define your projects at a high level and try when possible to share this requirement with 4 weeks in advance to your application development provider. Include a slack of 20% for upcoming or non-planned requirements or changes in ongoing activities.

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Always prefer Nearshore over Offshore.

Working with a Nearshore partner (that means a time zone +/- 3 hours, cultural proximity and proficiency in English) and using automated communications (like zoom or slack tools) will accelerate the total production rate of the combined team in terms of reduce written communications and documentation, handle requirements, minimize delays in QA Testing and manage daily meetings.

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Build a team familiar with Agile.

Look for a company that works under this framework. Agile is the less or non-frustration basis for a transparent, organized and productive application development process… Agile Methodology will make both teams working as one.

  • If you are not familiar with this framework it’s not difficult to adopt it, the essential is to fill these roles: A Product owner for each project who will be responsible for managing the user stories or “requirements” and testers in case your contracted Dedicated Software Development Team works simultaneously in three or more projects.

On the other hand, if your team knows Agile framework and Methodologies ask for a meeting for syncing expectations, coding standards, moments and meetings.

In Teravision Technologies we have accelerated, refined and improved our Agile software development process to include and educate our customers in getting the most of this way of work.

It’s always hard for Marketing Agencies to satisfy the increasing and complex demands of their customers, isn’t it?. For your marketing Agency,  Teravision Technologies and its Agile software development make it simple for your business: Rapid responses in team building, white-label projects delivered on time, quality and budget.

Are you ready to start with your nearshore Dedicated Software Development Team?

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