5 key points to look at when hiring an Agile Software Development Partner

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27 November 2023


Let’s say your team is experienced in Agile Software Development: each company makes Agile their own.

Beyond finding the “perfect match” in the Agile Software Development providers universe, the real thing is to find a Partner who offers key points of alignment to increase your software value.

Here you’ll find valuable practices that our team uses to increase our customer’s product value through by practicing nearshore software development practices:

01 /
Work in defining the aligned Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

By following the Agile Software Development spirit, teams will agree on detailing the “how-to”, that includes Requirements gathering, Testing, Coding, QA, UX/UI, and Estimations. Two main questions to be answered for each user story are:

  • When is the right moment to start?
  • This is about being aware of everybody’s timing on the agreed sequence: Estimate, development, test, UI/UX, DevOps.
  • What’s the definition of “done”?
02 /
Create the position of “Product Owner Mentor” or “Product Owner Proxy for Agile Software Development”.

To work on hands-on activities with the Product Owner to accelerate and improve the quality of the Backlog.

03 /
Advance in the grooming session for the next sprint.

And have two or three “scenarios” meetings during the current sprint.

04 /
Mix better requirements with better estimations methods for Agile Software Development.

Once user stories are well defined and the measure of “done” is clear, the team will have a better outlook to come up with reasonable estimates of each task. In that sense, it’s a better approach to go from plain hourly estimates by team member-driven methods like t-shirt sizing or story points.

05 /
Do not forget Retrospective meetings, a key part of every Agile Software development process.

It is always healthy to have an open conversation after each Sprint regarding what the teams did great and what can be improved.

Mastering Agile Software Development will make your business a success.

By aligning your Agile Software Development process with Teravision’s proven engineering practices, your company will open the way to a healthy team augmentation, dependability, and better software delivery.

Teravision has been a trustworthy nearshore Agile Software Development partner for different companies that work on Agile. We have experienced the benefits of integration in the past, so we can make it work for you now!

Contact Us. Let’s have an introductory call to understand better how your needs fit with our experience on Agile Software Development to build a successful project: On Time and on Budget.

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