Agile Software Development: How an inexperienced developer can deliver predictable results?

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29 June 2018


Sometimes during our quoting process, we have received questions like Your quote is competitive because of your rates, but when we compare item by item with other quotes we see you spend more time on each task. Is your team not experienced enough? Are your people learning how to do it? Are you guys slower than the competition?

Well, here is the answer to that question: “At Teravision, we deliver predictable results in Application Development”. 90% of the quotes you will receive from our competitors won’t have a robust process to ensure client satisfaction.

From a pricing perspective, even with our best rates, do not expect us to compete with Freelancers or small unstructured software companies. However, for predictable results, we are your best option in Nearshore Application Development.

When you start a new software project, your worst-case scenario is to have a software partner that is not able to deliver on time and budget, that is why pricing is always important, but it is not as important as getting predictable results.

Here is an example of our Agile software development process to deliver a feature and ensure the quality of the code delivered:

  • The requirements are analyzed, estimated and loaded into our Agile Development tool (Jira/Scrumwise).
  • Before starting, developers will review the task and ask any questions needed to their Scrum Master and Tech Lead. If necessary, the questions are escalated with the client.
  • Developers will execute the tasks to complete the functionality.
  • Developers will run tests in their local development environment, to verify that the acceptance criteria, defined by the QA Team, are met.
  • Then they merge the GIT branch of this ticket with the “integration” branch.
  • Then they upload the code and test the ticket in the "integration” environment, where the code and functionality are reviewed by the developer and the Tech Lead.
  • If everything goes well, the user story is marked as “Code Complete” and pushed to the Beta/QA environment.
  • The QA Team validates the items that are completed and uploaded to the beta environment daily.

As you can see, the quality of the code Teravision produces is guaranteed not only because we have top talented developers, but also because we follow standardize processes.

If you want to experience how it is to work with an Agile software development team, contact us for a free quote.

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