Effective Onboarding for Software Development Teams

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15 December 2020


The onboarding process is key for a successful relationship between new employees and our company. This process requires special effort from HR teams and team leaders towards giving new engineers an optimal introduction to their new work environment. Both dedicated software development and staff augmentation teams onboarding have different procedures but are highly necessary.

This process has 3 key objectives:

  • Ensure that the candidate finally joins the company and does not leave the process at the last minute.
  • Make the experience memorable by taking advantage of this highly motivated moment by the new employee.
  • Accelerate the learning curve necessary for our new employees to reach high levels of performance in the shortest time possible.

We are aware of the importance of onboarding new employees who enter our organization because we know that the best way to grow is with human talent (the greatest asset that any company can have). In LATAM, onboarding procedures have evolved in the last two decades and yet many businesses do not take them as essential procedures when bringing new engineers to their teams. This results in a failed induction and possibly a lack of collaboration between the new talent and the existing team. The onboarding procedure is not only about successful recruitment but also about integrating a new team member into the culture of the company and making it grow with it.

It All Starts with The HR team

The first step on the part of the HR Team is to do a screening by contacting a possible candidate for the position, if they fit the vacancy then the skill-testing takes place in the form of a technical test that continues with a technical interview conducted by a project manager. After technical testing, an administrative process comes in which the signing of a work contract already takes part.

Thanks to the technical interview, the seniority can be assigned, the soft skills of the candidates are highly valued in this part of the process to see how they carry out teamwork

After the selection process, it is already known that a new candidate is a match for the position that is offered. It’s when HR and the manager of that new employee begin to draw up the personalized plan through which the new colleague will move in the beginning, finding everything you need and expect from the new employee.

Project Managers Onboarding Roadmap

The Onboarding process begins from the first day a new member is assigned to the team. They proceed to be introduced to their new team to be aware of his new colleagues. Also on the first day, the manager of the new employee is in charge of adding him to the communication channels of his new team, daily meetings, and giving him access to tools with which they work. Our development teams use agile methodologies, with scrum framework, for continuous delivery of value in the projects we develop, and in this development, communication is key. For this reason from day 1, this introduction is made for a better adaptation.

First Week in a Dedicated Team

The first week of onboarding for the new employee is not only introductory but also training towards a better understanding of the tools. To make this part easier, the manager assigns the new employee a partner who will act as a mentor to teach him or her how to work within the team at the beginning of his or her career in Teravision. Then they are presented to the client your team is assisting.

Skill Testing and First Month

Here comes the part in which the skills of the new employee are tested. This by assigning simple tasks at the beginning with a difficulty that progressively grows. This creates a functional introduction to the project in which they work. The growth of new employees is a constant goal for our organization to continue developing and delivering high-quality projects. So as part of the process, it is expected that the new employees adapt both with the team and with the requirements of the client. Also they will be accompanied by the team manager and their mentor at all times.

While the project is being carried out with the new employee, their aptitudes, and their soft and hard skills are considered for a month. Then a performance evaluation is made to have data showing how their performance has grown. Client’s feedback is also requested so we can collect strong data on the roadmap of the new employee. After the first month, you’ll already know if the new employee fits with the methodologies and tools of the organization

Continuous Training from Inside

Making products, and carrying out projects for clients is a complex task. That being said, when led by a dedicated software development team, you can see optimal results. Adding new talent that can provide value to these teams is an asset that we value very much. Having this onboarding ensures that all the parties involved can be in tune. Plus, it ensures the team’s talent, relationship, and integration with the client’s own team remains functional and of high quality.
Growing the skills of new employees who join Teravision Technologies through training, thanks to our current partnerships with PluralSight, is one benefit of joining our organization. Here, our engineers can learn new skills and reinforce their knowledge and experience developing products, ever growing as professionals and achieving their career goals.

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