Five ways Agile will help your company have a healthy relationship with your Outsourcing Software Partner

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08 December 2017


Keeping a healthy relationship between your company and your outsourcing agile software development partner is always a challenge. Agile has become a standard methodology in the industry, not only because it helps your software product to be developed in the best possible way by a dedicated software development team, but also allows client and software partner to be aligned and in constant communication.

Agile Software Development builds a solid relationship between teams.

1. Grooming sessions: At the beginning of each project sprint a grooming session is performed to define “User Stories” and “User Acceptance Tests (UAT)”. This allows the client and the software company to be in sync regarding what will be developed and also how to measure success.

2. Daily standup meetings: Every day the client communicates with the Agile software development team and QA testing team for 5 to 10 minutes. The purpose of these meetings is to update the client on the progression of the project and to answer any questions the client may have. Ensuring everyone is on the same page during the lifespan of the project.

3. Access to a follow-up software: Every day the application development and QA testing teams will update the follow-up software, the client will have real-time visibility daily.

4. Code reviews: Once development and testing are completed, the lead developer meets with the client to review the code and software best practices have been applied.

5. Retrospective meetings: Once the Sprint has finished, the teams will meet to review from a process perspective what is working properly and what can be improved.

Agile software development is an iterative process that aligns the client with the software development and QA testing teams.

The goal when working with an outsourcing development team is to make it work as if they are an internal team. To become partners, so that both companies can build a healthy and closer relationship that will grow in time.

If you want to experience how it is to work with an Agile software development team, contact us and try our service for free.

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