How Teravision Technologies can set up a Dedicated Software Development Team in 48 hours: “The Bench”

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21 August 2019


Your company needs to start a new project or add a nearshore software development team to your existing in-house team. Teravision Technologies can have your Dedicated Software Development Team ready to start in 48 hours. How? "The Bench”.

The Bench is a simple concept. There is a group of employees trained and ready to be the backup of any responsibility in all projects. At Teravision Technologies 10% percent of our resources are assigned to our bench.

How does The Bench work?

  • Early in the project, we assign a bench Developer, a bench Quality Assurance engineer, and a bench Scrum Master. The bench works with the dedicated software team during the first week and sometimes later on the project to get trained.
  • The bench team is activated when any expected or unexpected situation happens, such as:
    • A resource is late on the delivery of his daily tasks.
    • A resource goes on vacation or gets sick.

How it benefits your company?

  • At any expected or unexpected situation during the project, the bench is activated at no additional cost to keep it on time and budget.
  • Whenever a bench resource is assigned to your project for training, you get free development and QA hours.

How it benefits Teravision?

  • Teravision can deliver projects with a 100% client’s satisfaction.
  • And also to train resources in new technologies and test new resources on real-life projects without endangering the project in any way.

How can Teravision offer you to have an Agile Dedicated Software Development team ready in 48 hours?

Currently, Teravision has 15 resources on The Bench. So,

  • If you are looking to build a team from one to five resources, we just take those resources from our current bench and hire new resources to build a new bench.
  • If you are looking for a bigger Agile software development team, we offer you to start with a team of five resources in 48 hours and two to four weeks we ramp up the team to the size you are looking for.

Are you ready to start with your nearshore Agile software development dedicated team in 48 hours?

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