Nearshore Software and your MVP: Native, Hybrid or Web App?

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05 March 2019


You have already decided: Nearshore software development is the way you’ll launch your startup business (you are trying to sleep at least five hours a day, aren’t you?). On the other hand, you have doubts about the delivery.

If that’s your mindset, this post is for you.

It’s all faster when you make the right choice. Decision making on the delivery platform is a mix of your team capabilities, money and time to market needs.

Now I am gonna show you three scenarios. I hope one of them rings your bell and helps in your decision making.

The three amigos

Let’s evaluate which is the right mix of platforms for your project by standing on different points of view.

Entrepreneur #1: Fat budget (I hope this is you)

You are well funded. Follow the flow:

  1. Your business idea is not fully developed yet: Get more advice from a consultant. Software is the last result of a well-thought idea.
  2. Is it well developed? Strengthen your team, you’ll need it to get further away.
  3. Your go-to-market should be going live in these technologies: Native iOS and Android, and the Web App.

I also recommend launching all your Mobile products at the same time.

  1. At this point, you are ready to get your Nearshore Software development partner. A full shop going from UX/UI, Architecture, Development, QA to DevOps is the best choice for those who want to get all the value in one place, under one warranty umbrella.

Entrepreneur #2: You’re Software Savvy (Half of the game is yours)

Your team has one or two guys that are good at software. So save your money for the rest of the costs of a Startup (marketing, operations, finance, lobby, others) and Follow the flow:

Make a full specification of your software: Your plan is to hire a fixed scope and price project from your Nearshore Software development partner.

Work agile, give feedback fast and be a picky Product Owner: How do you do it? check it here.

Your go-to-market depends on you: Budget, UX/UI needs according to the market demands and time.

I can say something for sure: Starting with only one platform is your best bet. You’ll be able to recover time later because all your requirements will be covered for the next platforms.

Now you are ready to get your Nearshore Software development partner. I recommend you to address UX/UI, QA, and DevOps, this way you own the leadership of the project. Give Architecture and most of Development to your partner.

This mix gives you double the control for half the price.

Entrepreneur #3: You’re not savvy and have no deep pocket (You need to play well).

Maybe it’s not the right time to approach a full MVP development. This flow will get you closer to the goal:

  1. Become good at Wireframing and prototyping.
  2. Recruit a software team member to your Startup (if you haven’t done already).
  3. Your mix is?: Work together on your future software footprint. The more decided you are the less money you will spend on development.
  4. At the right time, choose a Nearshore software partner with the flexibility of ramp-up/down with no/little penalties.

Choose your way

Whatever it will be, doing it together as a team guarantees your Startup a solid position when negotiating with your next Nearshore Software development partner.

The right Nearshore Software mindset leads you to an outstanding MVP

Contact Us. We provide all services for building MVPs in one shop! let’s talk and find the best mix for your Startup. Makes sense?

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