Performance testing. Why should be included in software testing?

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01 February 2018


The traditional software testing process is focused on the execution of functional tests to detect defects in the application, leaving aside the non-functional tests.

As a result of this, sometimes bugs are detected, mainly performance, once the application is in production. This could cause economic losses and affect the image of the company.

Performance testing seeks to avoid these problems. They determine the application behavior, in a particular situation, once it is installed in the production environment. This anticipates problems and allows for any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal application performance.

Different types of performance tests can be applied, the difference between them lies in the objectives or the kind of results that are expected from the execution. Performance tests applied in software testing are:

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Load testing

Load tests seek to measure the behavior of the application under expected use parameters, such as the number of concurrent users expected in the production environment.

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Stress testing

Stress tests are focused on determining the maximum system capacity. This is achieved, for instance, gradually increasing the number of simultaneous users to the limit, that is, until the system fails. This type of test allows knowing how the system achieved to recover from a failure scenario.

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Stability testing.

Stability tests are used to check the performance of the application during prolonged use. The idea is to subject the application to a load, within the parameters of normal use, for a long time and evaluate the performance of all components.

During the execution of the tests described above, the technology and infrastructure specialists perform the monitoring of response times, use of server resources, database performance, network usage (CPU, RAM ), etc., to identify bottlenecks, memory leaks or another possible point of failure that prevents the desired behavior of the application.

In addition to this, the test results provide us with accurate information about the platform capacity and infrastructure, allowing the developer to validate attributes such as scalability and reliability of the application.

To achieve these objectives, the tests must be performed in a stable version of the application and an environment with similar characteristics to production.

Performance testing should always be included in a software quality process because they allow us to evaluate the system from a perspective that is not possible with functional tests.

A performance issue that is not detected early, can be so simple that a software engineer can solve in a few minutes or may involve the refactoring of the application code.

At Teravision, we will be glad to help you with your automated or functional software testing.

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