Teravision's end of year celebration: Rugby, Rum and Dry Dives!

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13 December 2017


Our 140 people Agile Software Development team enjoying a celebration day at Hacienda Santa Teresa, El Consejo, Venezuela. December 13th, 2017.

To close a year of great hits in the business of delivering software development projects in the US, Teravision Technologies was pleased to start its end of year party with all the team together to celebrate a full period of grow and goals completed.

Our Agile Software Development teams show all their abilities in different fields, playing the game of hooligans but as the gentlemen they are.

The day started in Teravision Headquarters at 7 am, teams were transported to “Hacienda Santa Teresa”, two hours driving from Caracas, in the town of El Consejo.

Hacienda Santa Teresa, founded in 1796 by the Count of Tovar, is currently an agro-industrial, tourism, and sports complex as well as the headquarters of “Santa Teresa” rum distillery, with more than 220 years of tradition in the manufacturing of aged rums.

After having breakfast at 10 am there were two main activities to enjoy surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes surrounded by big palm trees and sugar cane fields.


One group took an immersion trip into the rum manufacturing process (one rum shot in every station included 😉 ) and the other group was delighted with a rum tasting session. After lunch, in the afternoon the groups switched between activities.


We had live bands and the DJ music, teams started the now competitive Rugby game… Big fun and no major injuries to regret.


Finally and for the people who didn’t like to play Rugby, the Hacienda staff had installed an inflatable park for a friendly exhibition of “dry dives” among friends!


The celebration ended at 6 pm and all our people were back safely at home near 10 pm.

Success needs celebration, We at Teravision always have reasons to celebrate as the best Nearshore software development company to work within Venezuela and one of the best in Latin America.

“We love to play and We do it well”


Enjoy as We do working for our Customers.

we much more than partying at Teravision. Our team plays hard to get the job done, even the toughest tasks.

With a new development center in Bogotá and a fast onboarding of engineers, Teravision is prepared to double its size by end of 2018, meaning more technologies to be offered to our customers, more options in team-building and improved solidness as a player in the Nearshore software development industry.

We hope a great 2018 for you and your business. Contact us when needed to talk about these Agile Software Development projects that will conquer victories to your business in 2018.

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