Teravision Technologies opens new Nearshore Software Development center in Bogotá, Colombia.

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05 January 2018


Bogotá, December 26, 2017. After 15 years of experience in Nearshore Software Development in the US and more of 140 professionals in projects working from Caracas, Venezuela. Teravision Technologies is pleased to announce the opening of a new facility in Bogotá to continue doing software development that makes sense.

This new location not only increases our capacity but also makes Teravision better in Nearshore Software Development by reducing the timezone gap by one hour to customers on the US East Coast.

The new facility is located in the “T” zone of the city in a lovely business and residential area in the Carrera 11 A #93-67, Edificio Parque Ejecutivo. The location is in the same neighborhood of companies like Google and other well known global and regional players in information technology.

The two-story office is on the fifth floor of the building and offers 100 desks with all the conveniences of the Caracas office.

Early November 2017, we rented the office space and here is the video we shared with our team:

Bogota Office Video 😉

Here some pictures of the new development center ready to launch.

The Building – The Lobby.


The Office – Desks – Meeting Rooms.


Balconies and Terraces


Table Tennis area


This expansion has been possible only because of the success of Teravision delivering Nearshore Software Development services to our customers.

The four key ingredients of our secret sauce have worked together during this time. We will continue doing like this to achieve the goal of adding 100 professionals to Teravision team by the end of 2019:

  • Our teams provide software architects to help to choose the best technologies for every customer project. Additionally, Scrum masters and tech leads are assigned to your project at no extra charge. That being said, We only invoice you for the direct activities of our professionals in Development, QA, Software Design, UX/UI and DevOps.
  • Agile methodology as the way of transparency and communication with our customers to build great software.
  • The Bench concept that makes Agile perform better by providing extra availability of resources for ramp-ups and days off covering of any member of your hired software development team.
  • Best rates of the region according to our level of expertise and quality of our services.

The new development center in Colombia is already open and working to serve our customers in the US. Combined with our center in Venezuela, Teravision looks forward to a future of growth in its usual customers of Start-Ups, Digital Agencies, and Established SMBs.

Cost-effective and available Application Development.

Teravision has been a trustworthy Nearshore Software Development partner for more than 400 companies in the US in the last 15 years. Offering our customers, a better way for team augmentation and better software delivery.

Contact Us. Let’s talk about your projects and why doing Nearshore Software Development with Teravision could be a great fit for your needs in Software and Apps in 2018.

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