Teravision Technologies presents at the Project Management Institute’s 2018 Event in Caracas

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22 October 2018


Caracas, October 20-21, 2018. In order to continue leading the delivery of Agile software projects to our customers, Teravision participated in the Project Management Institute Chapter’s yearly event, further expanding our footprint in Software Project Management.

The “XII Congreso de Gerencia de Proyectos - Gestionando Proyectos en tiempos Disruptivos” (Project Management in disruptive times) took place at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela.

This event revealed to us the value of mixing the PMI practices with Agile frameworks, this will definitely lead us to better Nearshore Software Project Management

Fifteen years of experience in Nearshore Software Development in the US and more of 200 professionals working from our development centers in Bogota and Caracas let us identify three points of value that PMI can add to Agile organizations on their day-to-day operations:

  1. PMI is fully focused on Leadership Management, by identifying nine kinds of leadership (authoritarian, rudder, democratic, affiliative, personal, helpful, charismatic, coaching, and visionary) and their usage with real examples and evidence, this hands-on approach complements Agile by providing a comprehensive guide to use Emotional Intelligence with every professional, at all sprints.
  2. PMI in its Project Management Office (PMO) provides a deep focus on Risk Management, this is needed for assessing and identifying project risks along with plans to mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. Even though Agile frameworks were born as risk control methods by nature, we find PMO practices very useful for planning Fixed Scope projects, covering all risks in the estimations phase to proceed later on building the software sprint-by-sprint in the Agile way.
  3. PMI offers a formal education path of Business Analysis for the project management professional -the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® certification-, an extension to the Agile frameworks on working effectively with stakeholders to define their business requirements, and to drive successful results.

PMI supports us to continue doing Software Project Management that makes sense.

Contact Us. Let’s talk about your software projects and their management. Every different engagement (Team Augmentation, Managed Team or Fixed Scope project) needs different Project Management practices to get better deliveries: On time and on budget.

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