The “Mojo” of a Outstanding Website refactor: Do you know the “Mix”?

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13 July 2018


The right moment to refactor your business Website should be “always it’s needed” …but how can you know when your site needs some extra Agile Application Development?

Losing sales or online presence, customer service complaints or just having a site with an “old look” (or all of the above) are relevant symptoms that your Website is losing its “Mojo”.

“The Real Thing is to make your Website Outstanding.”

The “Mojo” of an Outstanding Website gets back when high-quality UI UX design services are mixed with Agile Software Development in the Refactor Project.

This set of practices have worked very well in Teravision when planning the refactor of many of our customer’s Websites:

  1. Analyze your Google Analytics stats. Build your grooming backlog to improve pages with the most traffic and less engagement. (If you don’t have Analytics yet this is a big point of attention in your next release).
  2. Content is the King and Design is the Queen. Combine them for the perfect relationship. Enhance all articles and posts that work well reinventing its graphic presentation and shortening the navigation.
  3. Wireframes are Agile. UX/UI team works top-down from the hardest to model functionalities to the easiest ones. On the other hand, Software Development is an ongoing process that needs continuous input. The sooner the design team boards the project the easier to mix up both approaches.
  4. Start building responsiveness from day one, modeling the most complex user stories first and using well-know javascript frameworks like Bootstrap. This tactic uses inception activities mixed with development-focused sprints by using the framework’s grid as the main modeling tool for the project. As a result, the design of Mobile screens prevails over desktop versions. The challenge is to get the most congruent user experience among all devices with no reworks.
  5. Group analysis and individual design leadership. The complete team of Teravision and your team get together in the grooming sessions of the Agile Software Development process for your project. The desired result is to have compelling design assets addressed in the milestones. After that, the UX/UI leader begins the progressive development of the design assets for each user story.
  6. Avoid reworks in four easy steps.
    1. Cut all that you can cut.
    2. Then establish priorities among user stories in a sprint planning session.
    3. After the MVP is released, be sure every two or three sprints of delivering “major increments” of UX/UI assets.
    4. Be aware of the technical feasibility of each new user story using Wireframes.

Make it a Masterpiece.Make it a Masterpiece.

When a full Overhaulin’ of a Website is needed, Teravision’s teams cover all the stack of technologies and specialists to get the job done.

Contact Us. Let’s build your Outstanding Website together on Time and Budget by combining UI UX design services and Agile Software Development the right way.

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