Three Hard Questions to ask on your First Meeting with a Nearshore Software Development Partner

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02 August 2018


Hiring a Nearshore Software Development partner It is an important decision to make.  It could be the difference between peace of mind for the rest of the year ahead or a disastrous process. Which Nearshore Software Development partner should I entrust with my project? There are thousands of companies out there, ranging from the bad to the incredibly good, as well as the shockingly cheap to incredibly expensive.

At the end of the day, what you are looking for a Nearshore Software Development partner that can deliver “Predictable Results” at a reasonable budget.

To evaluate a Nearshore Software Development partner is hard work. This post is dedicated to companies in the US who decide to walk down the isle of  Nearshore Development Partnering looking for efficiency while avoiding non-reliable options.

The three questions checklist is easy, by making each question at the right moment of the first meeting will give you the advantage.

What do you do, as our Nearshore Development Partner to secure delivery time and budget?

Here you need a solid answer, there will always be situations that could affect your project’s budget and delivery time and your nearshore development software partner has to be ready to explain how they deal with the unexpected.

We at Teravision have a specialized unit named “The Bench” that consists of a group of engineers, that are not assigned to any specific project, who can jump on a project so we can get an extra set of hands at any time at no extra cost for the client

Why are you THE right nearshore software development partner to work with?

It has to make sense to your business to hire that particular nearshore software development company. So, it’s a good idea to open the meeting explaining clearly your needs and expectations about the project.

After that, a qualified software provider is expected to start “connecting the dots” during the presentation. These matches have to be identified:

  • Are both companies compatible? ? (i.e. Are you open to assign a product owner to work Agile?).
  • Can the nearshore software development partner quickly provide a relevant experience that is related to your needs?
  • Is the nearshore software development partner willing to give you a contract that meets your needs? (fixed scope vs. dedicated software development team).

Near the end of the presentation and if your team feels the essential needs have not been addressed (and these are not good news) just ask the final question.

Can your company provide customer references to be independently verified?

This one is very simple and effective if satisfied. Ask for them at any time during the presentation. Once received, write down your interests and then make the calls.

Ideally, it should be three out of three. Nothing less.

The criteria are simple, getting satisfactory answers for each question demonstrate that the nearshore software development partner has the skills required to build your software, and open the door to go further with the evaluation process. Otherwise, just let it go.

Are you evaluating Nearshore Software Development partners in new technologies?

Contact us! we’ll guarantee honest answers and great software. Let’s work together.

Teravision Technologies builds software Nearshore software for APIs, Webs and Mobile Apps based on iOS and Android using, among other technologies: React, PHP, Java, AngularJS, React Native, Bootstrap, Node.js, Vue.js, Javascript, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and HTML5 and CSS3.

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