How Teravision Technologies can set up a Dedicated Software Development Team in 48 hours: “The Bench”

August 21, 2019
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Your company needs to start a new project or add a nearshore software development team to your existing in-house team. Teravision Technologies can have your Dedicated Software Development Team ready to start in 48 hours. How? “The Bench”.

The Bench is a simple concept. There is a group of employees trained and ready to be the backup of any responsibility in all projects. At Teravision Technologies 10% percent of our resources are assigned to our bench.

How does The Bench work?

How it benefits your company?

How it benefits Teravision?

How can Teravision offer you to have an Agile Dedicated Software Development team ready in 48 hours?

Currently, Teravision has 15 resources on The Bench. So,

Are you ready to start with your nearshore Agile software development dedicated team in 48 hours?

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