Are you hiring Nearshore Software Development for the first time? Put these three pieces in place first to do your shopping well

February 25, 2019
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After several years of serving cool software-intensive business, I know every one of them was really pushed hard by investors, competitors and even themselves before their Apps become successful and “cool”.

If you are managing a Startup or setting your Digital Agency next software team partnership, this is a quick guide for going beyond the rates race and preserve your rest at night at the same time.

Value prevails over anything else. To unlock value in a Nearshore Software Development engagement expertise and connected people are needed as well

Working with a Nearshore partner means that your remote team is located in a time zone +/- 3 hours, team members have cultural proximity and proficiency in English. The use of automated communications and tracking tools is also a must.

Beyond those basics facts, going Nearshore well needs from you to:

In case this approach is quite away from your budget, have a least the Picky Product Owner, it’ll worth it.

Check here to know the seven abilities of a Picky Product Owner.

As part of the contract negotiation, work on your onshore team meet and talk deeply with the Nearshore provider’s team members that will work on your projects

On the one hand, the keyword here is smooth, it means that ramp-ups/down are managed the best way for your business, avoiding penalties as possible. On the other hand, do the Planning together on a regular schedule makes possible to understand each other needs and resource capabilities, at any time.


Putting together these three pieces of advice will help you big in the decision making process.

Can we have a talk about your business needs in Nearshore Software Development?

We at Teravision has been a trustworthy Nearshore Software Development partner for more than 400 companies in the US and Canada in the last 16 years. From our development centers in Bogota and Caracas, we offer a flexible range of services. We work closely with customers to deliver their great ideas into software, on time and on budget.

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Nearshore software outsourcing that just makes sense.

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