Five Reasons why hiring an experienced Agile nearshore outsourcing app development team is a great idea!

February 11, 2019
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Have you ever considered working with a nearshore outsourcing app development company? There are times when external help may be not only needed but efficient. There is always the concern of involving into your project a third party, but have you measured the cons of not having one? Here we have summarized the 5 main reasons why hiring a nearshore outsourcing team it’s a great idea.

Working with an experienced nearshore software development team will allow you to: minimize time zone challenges, take advantage of their experience in similar projects, rely on their methodology, have the flexibility of external resources and of course cost savings. Here is how an experienced team manages to add great value to a project:

Nearshoring will make your life a lot easier. We mean it!

The time zone of your Outsourcing Software company in comparison to your own will make a difference. Unexpected things will happen, either a change of plan or timelines or any other sudden change that needs to take care of right away.
Well, with a nearshore time difference, there is no need to wait until the next day to start working on the changes, and even better there won’t be any more late night conference calls for you.

Technical experience is something you can leverage on an outsourcing company

You do not need to have all expertise in-house. Why having an expensive expert in-house when you can have an expert team at your service? And I mean an expert in whichever issue you may have. Nowadays, a typical project needs technical expertise on Mobile, Angular/Node/HTML5 for web Development, PHP/Java for Backend and API integrations, UX/UI for Wireframing and design, and QA for functional or automated testing. Having all that expertise in-house is economically viable…

Agile Methodology is the way to go.

A reliable nearshore outsourcing company has done projects like yours many times, so they know how secure that the right methodology is used. Either Scrum or Kanban will allow you to:

Have a backup plan for the unexpected, and trust me unexpected thing will happen.

Any experienced company knows that all projects will face obstacles that need to be solved, no matter what is the situation. For that having a “bench team” that can enter the game at any time, will allow overcoming the obstacle smoothly. The Bench Team is a group of developers not assigned to any project, so they can assist as extra requirements appear. It doesn’t matter if a member of the developing team is on vacation, just late on a project or even worse on a sick leave. So, having a “Bench Team” sounds great, right? Well, a Bench Team is a staple, or at least should be, for any serious outsourcing company. While, for you, it will be the best backup plan you’ll ever have, because it will, not only, secure that your deadline will be reached, but also guarantee that the whole project stays on budget.

Cost vs Value.

It is not a surprise that a nearshore software outsourcing team IF MANAGED PROPERLY, will offer you a cost saving around 50% when compared to an in-house, but that is only half of the story. Think about the overall efficiency that you’ll gain in terms of expertise, method, a backup plan and your time by not having to work at odd hours to secure your deadlines.
In conclusion, hiring a nearshore software development team, that has the right experience will give you the peace of mind that you deserve in every aspect of your project.

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