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June 8, 2020
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On May 21st, Kata Software agreed to invest in Teravision Technologies, also beginning a partnership between the two companies.

The two companies will now offer their services together both in the U.S. and Latin American markets

Kata Software is a group of companies focused on the development, implementation, and maintenance of digital solutions for the Latin American financial sector applying mobility, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Teravision Technologies is a software consultancy with operations in Colombia and Venezuela focused on nearshore software development for North American clients.

With this partnership, Kata Software will now be able to serve the U.S. market through Teravision while also improving its coverage and infrastructure for Latin American clients, with the incorporation of development centers in Bogota and Caracas and nearly 150 additional developers.

Similarly, Teravision will now be able to leverage Kata Software’s development center in Mexico City while expanding its offering to include Microsoft technologies, complementing its existing experience in Amazon Web Services.

Kata Software and Teravision Technologies, together, now have a higher capacity for mutual investment, which will help them continue establishing themselves as industry leaders and allow them to explore new markets to create, develop, implement and maintain the most robust software solutions for the financial sector.

“We are very pleased to have successfully partnered with Teravision Technologies. Together we will be able to face and overcome new and interesting challenges for our clients and continue on the road to mutual growth, now on firmer ground. Teaming up with Teravision Technologies allows us access to U.S. clients while strengthening our offering for Latin America with the capacity of their development centers in Bogota and Caracas.” said Jose Luis Gonzalez de la Cerda, Kata Software’s CEO.

“This investment from Kata Software allows us to strengthen our competitive position and access resources to continue growing, even given the current economic environment. Additionally, we’re enthusiastic about adding Kata Software’s capabilities in Microsoft and experience in the financial sector to our value offering as a result of this partnership,” commented Ricardo Arcia, CEO of Teravision Technologies.



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