Teravision’s new Nearshore Unmanaged Software Development Service. Is it a fit for Your Business?

March 18, 2019
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After several years of delivering software and talking to many customers in the US and Canada, some of them go beyond and have extra needs.

Most of those requests have been to have their own office within our delivery centers, let our engineers work using their processes and methodology, and to base our work relationship on providing them only with the talent, infrastructure, and a healthy work environment.

With that experience in mind, we worked during 2018 on analyzing the services we already delivered to that group of customers (satisfaction, learnings, findings, team building, etc.) to identify the success factors to make a “new” engagement model, a service officially available to all customers.

This article is about differentiating the new Unmanaged Software Development Service from the two services we usually offer. Paving for you an extra way to frustration-free software products, delivered on time and on budget.

The big value you will get using Teravision’s Unmanaged Software Development Service relies on our 16 years of expertise delivering the Fixed Scope Project and Managed Team services.

That means basically that we have experienced all the possible headaches in software development you may also know. In the end, we go beyond staffing, facilities and shared services. We have a deep skillset in Software Development to make your deliveries happen as expected.

That being said, I want to share with you some easy hints to help you with your decision making.


When NOT to use the Unmanaged Software Development service.

If you are managing a Startup at the MVP-phase or you are a Digital Agency setting up your next software team partnership, my suggested best next step is to build your software using a Fixed Scope Project approach (turnkey contract).

You: Yeah but…How can I hire fixed-scope projects well?

Check here some advice for first-timers by Liam Patrick, our champion at Sales outreach on his article Are you hiring Nearshore Software Development for the first time? Put these three pieces in place first to do your shopping well

Similarly, if you are running a bigger business but your experience at buying software services is not extensive or it is your first time buying from “that” provider. Being conservative could be a good move so Fixed Scope Project (final-product-oriented) or a Managed Team (milestones-oriented) are your best fits.

You: Yeah but…How can I decide between Fixed Scope and Managed Teams?

Mixing well the main four ingredients of a project: Scope, Resources, Cost and Time is the key to answer this question.

Taking this decision is hard. We have worked on giving answers to it and I am glad to send you to our blog entry Dedicated software development Teams vs Fixed scope projects written by Raul Escobar, a highly experienced Project Manager of the Teravision’s team.

He explains both service models with helpful details and hints.


When and for whom is Augmentation the way to go?

Because of control, maximum resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and traceability, the Nearshore Unmanaged Software Development service (or Nearshore Team Augmentation) is the preferred way of working for mature software-intensive companies.

You can diagnose Augmentation as the right choice when these three things are already happening to your software development team (your “Onshore” team):

  1. Their strengths are: The team knows itself. Team members feel comfortable with their Agile “flavor” and Software engineering practices. They also know how to handle backlogs. They can calculate trustworthy estimations and are used to delivering more than acceptable milestones on their own.
  2. Their weaknesses are: The comments, in general, are “With the current resources the deadline is not possible”, “expected software quality is not reachable”, “We know the tasks we exactly need to ramp-up to deliver on schedule”, “We need to accelerate UX/UI to improve frontend integration”.
  3. The team general feeling is: We know what has to be done. We know we need extra help and we can organize the backlog/milestones as needed to welcome ramp-up resources.

The Nearshore Unmanaged Software Development Service adds the highest value to mature software-intensive companies.

Contact us. We are a seasoned Nearshore partner, this means our remote teams of experienced engineers and UX/UI designers work +/- 3 hours of your time in the US. They deliver your software products from our development centers located in Bogotá and Caracas.

Cultural proximity, proficiency in English, and 16 years working for companies in the US and Canada are part of our value formula.

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