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January 25, 2022
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Unifying the management of everything in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment from a single control panel, saving time, effort and costs, while increasing scalability and security,  is possible.

It is a challenge for any company to be able to control the infrastructure from a single place since the decentralized administration generates a too complex process. Also, the tools and processes are different for each cloud. Controlling the applications for the specific clouds requires a very long learning period for the team.

Microsoft Azure is a powerful and flexible cloud computing platform that offers on-demand computing, storage, and networking resources to host, scale, and manage web services and applications.

Enterprises have more visibility into their security and have achieved simplified scalability. However, they are also saving their IT team a significant amount of time. All by enjoying the ability to monitor infrastructure from a single console. This achieves greater efficiency within areas techniques, reduction of standard maintenance activities, saving time for employees by minimizing manual tasks and increasing the capacity of technical staff. These are a few of the benefits of joining the Azure Monitor trend. Next I will talk in detail about 4 benefits that Azure Monitor has in any company.

#1. Seamless Monitoring

Seamless Monitoring with Microsoft Azure

IT Professionals can gather and process data from the entire Azure Infrastructure in a central dashboard. From single to multiple servers, the automated monitoring service of such software can be stretched and scaled to multiple virtual servers and virtual machine instances- leaving no performance crack gaping.

# 2- Better Infrastructure Visibility

IT Professionals have more data and insights to work with. They receive system-wide data into the performance, processes, and issues. Providing visual charts and graphs to visually inspect and measure system performance against KPI’s. They can also take an infrastructure view back in time to show how the system behaved then and what possibly can be the root cause of the problem at hand.

# 3 – Instant Notifications

One of the key things to keep any IT Infrastructure up and running smoothly is to resolve production and performance issues as they strike. Azure Monitoring has capability to provide instant alerts and notifications into production and performance issues. 

# 4-  Automatic Resolution

In complex IT environments where performance and optimization processes are routine, using automatic or self-healing techniques in Azure Monitoring Software, IT Professionals can automate the resolution of performance and optimization issues, implementing automatic remedy processes for problematic events.

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