The basics of UX/UI Design for Mobile App Development

February 26, 2020
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It is quite easy to appreciate the importance of UX/UI design in the app development process when we really analyze the number of people who use digital media on their mobile phones on a daily or even hourly basis. Taking this into account, while desktops are still a great option to access websites in a complete and visually appealing manner, mobile phones are a very effective way to boost engagement with people.


UX/UI is an essential aspect of the developing process of any app. At the end of the day, the success of your mobile application will depend on your business model and how you are solving a problem to your audience, but the user interface and your user experience design is also an important piece and it will differentiate your App from your competitors.

The design of a mobile app’s user interface and experience is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the success (or failure) of an app

But what are UX and UI? The UX is about the experience that an end-user has when using a product or service, whether digital or physical, what he feels when doing it (is what happens before the screen), the UX has users as a field of study, their emotions, and interactions with different digital systems and the impact that products or services have on their lives and environments. The UI refers to the interface with which users interact (is what happens on the screen), represents the point of contact between a digital element and the user, so it is a fundamental element of the User Experience.


Therefore, the reason why UX/UI has gained vital importance when it comes to the field of mobile app development is that users appreciate products that meet specific needs, achieving the highest satisfaction and best possible user experience with the minimum effort.


Accordingly, what needs to be done when it comes to designing a mobile app is to understand the needs of potential users to create memorable and meaningful experiences through processes, tools, products, or services, always mediating between business objectives and user objectives. This is the reason why most developers fail at it: they create a mobile app focused on the product and its function but not focused on the User Experience, which inevitably leads to the downfall of the application.


To answer the question of why UX/UI is important in an app development process, and why our team of UX/UI designers at Teravision Technologies invest countless hours in it, let us look at the following pointers:




Want to discover how UX/UI design services can help you sell your business idea? Check out our blog and explore the benefits that it can provide to your company. Likewise, feel free to review our portfolio and experience in UX/UI design, and get ready to boost your business creativity with a process-driven approach.


Contact Us. Explore how our Agile software development team can help you develop a proper and intelligent user interface and user experience for all your applications.

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