Five cool extra features of Uber that Teravision Technologies in Colombia finds inspirational to your MVP

May 6, 2019
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If your Startup is an Uber-alike in the phase of hiring somebody to build the MVP, and at the same time you feel your business “need more” to succeed, this post is intended for you and your team.

In the crowd of Uber-alike Apps, there’s still room for Startups that can envision more. If you are one of those, we at Teravision Technologies in Colombia can give you more than a hand. Follow the Three Steps!

We Teravision Technologies in Colombia have identified a baseline or “must-have” of Uber-alike apps. To cover the bases for Drivers and Riders you need to support at least Maps and Location, Multiple In-app Payments, a Business Intelligence system (for you to take good real-data based decisions), Built-in automated collect area to manage driver’s fees, Profiles for everybody, good Communications (chat, push notifications, SMS), Dispatch and Tracking Panel for accountability, and an API to ensure interoperability. This is Step One.

And now goes Step Two: The following are Uber’s extra features for Egypt with my point of view of how they can be an inspiration to lead your Uber-alike app to more loyal riders.

1- Split the Bill.

Sharing the ride? unleash the value of sharing and make your app remarkable by providing an enhanced flow to manage more than one payer. Riders can select partners from their address book, email or username to join in. I  recommend accompanying the flow with notifications (text, email, push).

Do it: Your App should offer this feature as well as Uber does.

2- One Pickup and many Drop-offs.

If your riders are splitting the bill probably they are also dropping by at different places. Uber adds an “extra stop” feature that works even during the ride and provides great value and accountability for both riders and drivers. Making it better?

Enhance it: What if your app offers the same “One Pickup and many Drop-offs” with the extra support of evidence in video or photos at every stage of the ride?

3- How’s the ride going?

Personal security concerns? an important courier? keep friends informed how late are you going to dinner? Give or receive Real-time progress of the ride is a great detail between loved ones, friends or in business as well. Uber’s implementation involves a link to allow them to follow the rider’s trip as it goes, with vehicle details and driver’s name, and photos.

Make it safer: You can improve this by adding Video in your App, voice notes or estimated times.

4- Book rides for somebody else.

Is Grandma going to the doc? Are you picking up a good friend? Uber supports booking of rides for someone else, all process is managed using booker’s contact list. They can also pay for the ride, or let the riders pay in cash.

Extend it: When serving B2B you can extend this feature to a bulk-booking feature to address the needs of people at Logistic areas.

5- Schedule it!

Busy and time-boxed riders love this. The Uber feature consists in to provide a 30 days time window for bookings in advance.

Improve it: If your App adds popular calendar integrations (Google, outlook, calendar) and notifications (changes, arrivals) you will have a more than a desirable feature.

Step 3. There’s much more to do…

Anything that makes your riders feel unique and valuable counts: Vehicle selection, VIP program, Referral program or Coupons are highly demanded items.

Watch them all, get inspired and envision even more valuable features with your team!

By offering differentiated capabilities on your Uber-alike App you will make a name on your business niche or geography. So think deep and your vision will lead you along.

Teravision Technologies in Colombia works closely with Uber-alike Startups

We have plenty of experience building apps for on-the-go services. We have recently developed uPPyx and other similar projects. Teravision Technologies in Colombia has a growing team of developers to serve Startups and Established Companies in the US and Canada. Let’s talk about your Startup needs.

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