5 cool Healthcare apps to check out while you envision yours

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17 April 2024


After realizing the increasing regulations on the (GDPR and MDR in Europe; FDA and HIPAA in the US) and fierce competition among Healthcare apps, it’s crucial to Healthcare tech entrepreneurs’ success to solve a real problem mixing a clear market niche and a differentiated way of doing it.

Beyond clinical records handling there is a vast universe of Healthcare apps that your Startup can use both for inspiring and avoiding feature-repetition

Going from treatment Follow-up apps to Specialized Diagnosis, DIY or AI-Powered apps. It would be worth to install and test these apps to broaden your mindset on the next design table:

01 /

Alivecor take a medical-grade EKG anytime anywhere from an iPhone in just 30 seconds, detect normal heart rhythm or AFib.

Alivecor also delivers its software for Apple watch and supports fancy devices like pulse meter with your fingers to shape its offer.

02 /

 Welldoc award-winning digital therapeutic, BlueStar®, is a digital assistant for people with type 2 diabetes. It provides advanced coaching and clinically-validated outcomes that support a member’s care team.

03 /
Partners HealthCare

Partners HealthCare  It offers convenient, high-quality urgent care services for minor illnesses and injuries that are available anytime and anywhere in the United States. It covers symptoms such as sore throat, sinus congestion, allergies and rashes, a potential urinary tract infection and more. The delivery platform lets healthcare providers to video connect to patients.

04 /

Medscape is the most used source used by physicians. You can find all kinds of medical knowledge here and useful tools like Drug Interaction Checker, Medical calculators, Procedure reference and Formulary information.

It’s intended for medical professionals’ usage. However, it works for everyone who needs to know more about the health industry. Valuable features like  Check drug interactions among +7,000 drugs or the open and continually updated Clinical reference database with evidence-based Disease & Condition reference tool make Medscape highly popular.

It’s completely free with ads.

05 /

Sleepcycle tracks your quality of sleep, as well as your sleeping heart rate. It differentiates from other apps in that it wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase in the morning, making you feel well-rested and ready to tackle the day

Watch them all, unwrap the features to raise the bar!

Showing real differentiation with valuable features on your App will make you a name on the crowd, and Software is the way of delivering it.

What are the real needs your next Healthcare App will satisfy?

Let’s review your wishlist and ask for our experience in Healthcare apps. We have recently developed DayToDay and Focalyx. Our success comes from 16 years serving software to customers in the US and Canada from our two Agile delivery centers in South America (Colombia and Venezuela) with 150+ developers.

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