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10 June 2024


Assembling your IT staff requires a specific understanding of what your current needs are, and what you may expect to need later on. However, these requirements can abruptly change at any given moment. For example, you may find yourself with a new client, or a current client needs to ramp up their work output. Maybe, your business needs demand you move up the timeline the launch of a new product or feature. These are fundamental circumstances when outsourcing can help you achieve your objectives. These companies expect those results by receiving one of two engagement models: IT staff augmentation and dedicated teams. IT staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing model that employs temporary IT staff to help companies tackle spikes in work output within software companies or software divisions of companies. Dedicated teams have certain similarities but also some major differences. For instance, with staff augmentation you are investing in temporary engineering resources while still maintaining control over your team. With dedicated teams, you are purchasing a prearranged, specific outcome, while sharing the risks involved with the outsourcing team.

What are the Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

While both IT staff augmentation and dedicated teams are beneficial for different scenarios, the former is better suited for companies that have inconsistent or seasonal workloads, or if there’s a sudden need for more output. With IT staff augmentation, companies can hire engineers to help tackle the extra workload incurred during extraordinary times, with the freedom to ramp up or ramp down their activities as needed.

Helps Keeping Workloads Manageable

There are countless benefits of IT staff augmentation, but the first and foremost benefit is the ability to keep workloads manageable. Should you find your workforce lacking in manpower, this engagement model can help you fill those gaps. With IT staff augmentation, you’ll be able to hire from a global pool of tech talent to help your in-house team increase their output

Get What You Need

IT staff augmentation gives companies a level of flexibility they can’t really find even with their in-house teams. Since this model employs temporary engineers to your team, you won’t have to commit to a set team that doesn’t match the work output you’ll need in the future.

Focus on the Project

With IT staff augmentation, all you need to do is verify if the talent provided for you is what you’re looking for. While the outsourcing provider focusing on finding the talent you need, all you have to do is go to the interview and find out for yourself. You stay in control where it’s needed.

Stay in Control of Your IT Staff and Project

Another major perk of choosing IT staff augmentation is the ability to maintain control over your existing staff. As we’ve stated before, staff augmentation allows you to fill in temporary gaps in your workforce to complete specific needs within a given timeframe. Normally outsourcing a job would consist of you handing the reigns over to a third party, both in the team composition and product development. Here, the scope of the project, the dynamics between team members and maintenance is all controlled by you.

By choosing IT staff augmentation over dedicated teams, you can run the risk of incurring in staff turnover if you don’t keep them engaged with your project. Finding a partner that understands this and helps you keep that found talent engaged enough throughout the project is key. From career plans to overall technical training, providers that take the reigns on that aspect of staff augmentation will add value to any software company or division.

How Does it all Work Exactly?

In order to truly succeed in software or in technology, you need a good IT staff to help you achieve your objectives. However, circumstances would have you begin to grow quicker to achieve them, especially if you just received a new client with quite a few demands. IT staff augmentation can really help you get the talent that you need without redirecting focus away from your everyday activities. Here’s how this engagement model helps you:

1. Understanding Your Needs

What do you hope to achieve with outsourcing? This question will be important to answer when considering IT staff augmentation. By having a clear idea of what it is you wish to accomplish, you’ll have a solid base from which you can begin to evaluate the talent that comes your way, and assemble the right team for your project.

2. Finding the Right Engineers

This goes hand in hand with the previous step. Every technical staffing firm offer different value propositions to potential clients such as yourself. By keeping in mind what your needs are, you’ll be able to identify the value propositions that make the most sense for what you’re looking for in an IT staff augmentation partner.

3. Validate the Engineers

Some technical staffing firms will offer you a chance to validate the talent for yourself. These opportunities will allow you to greenlight the next additions to your development team. All this without the fear of losing time or money in the process. Until you feel fully comfortable with your firm's method, give yourself the chance to have some control over your talent pipeline.

4. Bring the Talent Up to Speed Through Onboarding

One thing that can be very harmful to your workflow in general is not having clear roles and responsibilities established in your team. Avoid confusion within your established team by assigning said roles and responsibilities to each team member from day one. This, alongside a proper communication channel for feedback, will allow for your in-house team and temporary staff to integrate into the workflow better, creating a cohesive team environment.

5. Communication and Support are Key

Hiring IT staff augmentation services implies consistent support and communication between your in-house team and augmented resources. Keeping your staff engaged with your project, not only will you maintain that cohesive teamwork environment you established previously, but you’ll also help make sure your business objectives will be seen to completion. Keeping staff engaged with your project is probably the hardest part, especially when you don’t want to divert attention from your product development activities. Learn about how Teravision Technologies’ Staff Augmentation Engagement Model helps you keep staff engaged and prepared for your needs, without compromising your own team or internal processes.

Learn More from the Pros

Business needs within the tech industry can be turbulent and dynamic. As such, finding the right talent for those particular moments in development on short notice can seem very unpredictable, or even impossible to do. IT staff augmentation services can be invaluable to your company if what you are looking for is efficiency, quick access and more control over your development process and software projects.

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